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This could be a indication of high blood pressure or a lack of oxygen to your lower extremities. I would consult a doctor if this problem persists.

2006-09-08 06:03:50
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Why is the bark of a tree often cracked?

the bark of a tree is often cracked because the tree is growing which causes the bark of a tree to crack.

What is a sentence with the word reiterate?

Could you reiterate your question please? (means to state something again, often in a slightly different way to improve clarity of communication).

How often should you replace the alternator belt for Honda Fit 2010?

Replace it when it becomes cracked or frayed.

Where is the center of gravity of a humanbody?

Behind the belly button, in the center of the abdomen. Often slightly lower in women, slightly higher in men.

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We find soil rarely in deserts but it is of colour brown and it is often cracked coz of the hotness.

What are causes of overheating on your ford sierra engine?

One common cause is when you need antifreeze fluid for your radiator. Often times, the liquid becomes completely used and that is when your engine heats up, which could further result in a cracked radiator.

Is CaSO4 soluable in water?

slightly soluble. not soluble, not insoluble but slightly. It is slightly soluble in water and ground water that comes into contact with gypsum often contains some dissolved calcium sulftae.

I often feel slightly hungover the morning following a busy work night bar-tending is it possible that fumes or absorption could cause this?


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Becuase at the time the bell was rang so often that it cracked. then they tried to fix it and did so. then they rang it so much again that it cracked all the way up and the liberty bell cannot ring again.

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When starfish catch prey and get the shell cracked open they regergitate their stomach which releases enzymes to kill and liquify the prey. After it's liquified the starfish basically swallows its stomach along with its food.

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"Zimmermann" with two nn's on the end, is a German surname. When Germans immigrated they often changed their names slightly so that they could avoid discrimination. It means "carpenter"

The ground in the desert often appears cracked and dry as a result of the temperatures it has been exposed to This is known as?

dirty mexicans in the woods lol

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It applies to a particular style of piano music, often played on a slightly out-of-tune piano. It could be used more generally to refer to the type of person who plays or likes such music.

If you have a quarter-size bump that is somewhat sore on your back particularly on your lower rib what could it be?

If you've had a recent hard hit to the rib cage, it could be a possible calcium deposit caused from a fractured - cracked - or broken rib. Best thing to do is get it checked out by a doctor if you're worried about it, or if it often gives you pain.

Can you feed chicken to chickens?

They will eat cooked chicken if it's thrown out with other food scraps, but if you are raising your chickens to eat, it probably will not be a good food to give them often (could affect the taste). It's probably not good for them either. Cracked corn is best.

What causes oil to oil the spark plugs in Chevrolet optra car?

This is often a cracked head gasket between oil passage and a cylinder.

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Hundreds - and you can even invent your own. I often make them slightly different.

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It often moves when speaking or when a person walks :-)

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Cracked eggs are often caused by thin, fragile shells - possibly due to the bird not getting enough calcium in its diet.

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When a roof develops a leak often times caused by damage to a certain part of the roof ei: blistered or cracked areas on a flat roof or missing and cracked shingles on a pitched roof. Repairs should be preformed on a sunny day when the roof is dry.

Can a flat screen tv be fixed with a cracked screen and no picture showing?

It can be fixed, you would have to get the screen replaced, which can often cost more than the TV itself.

What part of speech is whip?

Whip can be a verb or a noun. Verb -- Slaves were often whipped by their owners. -- past tense Noun -- The cattle man cracked his whip.

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As often as he or she wished.

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They're in the heart, in the center of the chest cavity, often shifted slightly to the left.

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Marscapone is a very mild slightly sweet Italian cream cheese. It is often used in Tiramisu.