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You could be pregnant it could be implantation bleeding where the egg implants into the lining of the uterus. Take a pregnancy test answer is a good one.

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Q: What could it mean if your period was suppose to come on Sunday and you started spotting but it stopped and then you began to spot again on Thursday?
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I stopped the pill after i got my period for the month and a few days later i had brownish sometimes alittle red spotting going on..was that my periodhow do i kno when im suppose to get my period?

This was the withdrawal bleed. Your period can arrive anytime after the withdrawal bleed.

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never returned for my second shot.blood was light brown and only lasted a few hours..was suppose to have gotten shot on the 20th..could I be pregnant

You are spotting when you were suppose to get a period Took a pregnancy test came out negative could you be pregnant?

you might tecnology these days you never know if there right or wrong

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Your period was just probally late, if you where pregnant you would not of started at all.

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I stopped taking birth control after i got my period i never restarted it again but then a few days after i was do i know when im suppose to get my periodwas that like a period confused?

What you experienced is the withdrawal bleed which is caused by the hormones decreasing from your system. After the withdrawal bleed occurs, this means your body is begining to ovulate again and you're at risk of pregnancy. There is no accurate way of saying when your period will arrive. It can be anytime after the withdrawal bleed upto 4 weeks.

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Could you be pregnant if you have lighter bleeding. The day before you should be getting your regular periods?

you can have bleeding but typically "spotting" doesn't happen if you are pregnant. Some women however do spot when they are suppose to be getting their period, it all depends on the woman.

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I started my period on Saturday and then started my first pack on Sunday the next day Am I suppose to be on my period again during the inactive days of the pill?

Yes. When you stop the hormone after week 3, your body will have a period again.