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Q: What could lavender be used for?
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Is lavender used in medicine?

Yes, lavender is used in medicines.

Is lavender poisonous?

Lavender is used in baked foods, there is lavender sugar and it is used as an addition to herbal tea. For most cooking purposes, dried buds are used

Does lavender repel ants?

Lavender can be used to repel ants. They do not like the smell of it. You can use dried lavender, lavender oil or lavender plants around the home.

Is lavender a mint?

NO, it is not a mint. Lavender is an herb used for scents, soaps, and cooking.

What is lavender used for?


Is Lavender Brown a boy?

No, Lavender used to be Ron's girlfriend. Lavender was a common girl's name in past times.

What can be used as a substitute for lavender?

you can substitute a few drops of parfait Amour (a lavender-flavored liqueur) for dried lavender

How do you say lavender in Japanese?

ラベンダー (rabendaa) is the Japanese word for lavender. Note: ラベンダー is used for "lavender" as an herb, not a color. So, if you want to say the color you could say 薄紫色 (usumurasakiiro), which is a light purple color.

What are lavender buds?

Lavender buds are the unopened flower buds of the lavender plant. They are most commonly dried and used for their fragrance, but they can also be used as flavoring in foods.English lavender is the sweetest variety and its floral flavor is particularly suited for baked goodsProvince lavender (a hybrid, known as lavandin) is also used in baking

Is lavender lady gaga's favorite color?

yes, its lavender in her song so happy I could die she says "I love that lavender blonde" and it's just lavender soo yeah

Is lavender a herb?

A herb has culinary or religious values. Lavender is used extensively as a herbal filler in sachets to give fragrance when placed in clothes. The ancient Greeks used Lavender as a herb. Lavender flavours baked goods and deserts, it is used to make lavender sugar and can be blended with tea and used as a relaxing drink. It is a member of a family of the most popular herbs.

Could Mario go to lavender town?

it was caitlin

What minerals are used to make lavender?

Lavender oi is extracted from Lanabdula sica or other varieties.

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What color tube used for Lead?


What color tube is used for G6PD?


Will purple shampoo leave your hair lavender?

no. I used to have purple shampoo and it didn't make my hair lavender.

Is lavender a herb or a flower?

Both - however lavender is a culinary herb and commercially used for the extraction of essential oil

What alkali metal is used in lavender fireworks?


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What herbs were used in mummification?

The herbs that were used for mummification were lavender, camomile and thyme.

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