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You really need to see a doctor. As a general rule, lumps that get bigger should be taken seriously.

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How do you make your balls bigger?

you could try a painful surgery to do that, or just have sex more

I have a medium sized hard lump under my skin on my forarm by the inside of my elbow it seems to be just getting bigger and more painful i have had this for over a year what could it be?

Lymphoma, see a doctor, TOMORROW!

What could explain a painful lump behind your right ear that causes severe headaches?


Small lump behind ears not painful is it swollen lymph node?

could be a parotid tumour

What is a painful bump behind your left ear?

probably a pimple or blackhead, but could possibly be a cyst as well

My daughter has a hard painful lump behind her right ear what could this possibly be?

My son also has a lump behind his ear but on the left. from what i can think it could be an infected lymph node, but the best thing to do would be to contact a doctor.

What could a lump be that has come up in the front of your head and is not painful but it does seem to be getting bigger and it's not fleshy and doesn't move?

An Amoxatheriumunpusarain (uh-mox-uh-th-eer-ee-um-un-pus-airy-an) Its french....Look it up.....

How do legends help historians?

By leaving behind artefacts and objects which could lead into bigger historian events.

You have had two lumps at the back of your neck for almost 3 years One each side of your neck Lately one of them is getting painful and bigger what could it mean Very worried?

Please see a doctor. That's the right way to get sound medical advice.

How can you get rid of pain caused by a lump behind your right ear?

Go to the doctor and get the lump removed. If you have a painful lump behind your ear, you need to go and see a doctor about it. A lump that is not painful and not increasing in size isn't much to worry about. But one with pain could be serious. Do not ignore the pain. See a doctor.

Large hard bump on your foreheadthat does not hurt or is not getting bigger what could this be?

see a doctor ASAP

What could a small painful lump right behind the right ear be?

maybe mossie bite cancer or infection!! maybe mossie bite cancer or infection!!

Could you be pregnant if you are still getting your period but you get dizzy and light-headed and you're starting to urinate frequently and your breasts are getting bigger?

yes you could be but you wouldn't be getting a normal period during pregnancy. see your doctor.

What is the most painful thing in the world?

it could be anything that is painful from verbal, social or physical

What could cause a fatty tissue lump on lower right back getting bigger and harder?

See a doctor.

My belly is getting bigger but I have had my periods they were about 5 days late and I had a neg pregnancy test could I be pregnant?


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There isn't really a way to make it bigger, except by having a telescope sight, or getting closer to your target. If you own an AR, then you could buy a zoom that goes behind your sight that flips up when you use it, then when you don't need it, it flips to the side away from your sight and out of the way.

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Why would a 13 year old boob's hurt?

It could be signs of your period, or your boobs are just getting bigger with age.

How do you make your thighs and butt bigger without getting fat?

You could do what Coco does and does squats with stelleto heels and little weights.

How painful are bladder infections?

bladder infections can become very painful and could be even deadly if not treated.

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The sun stays the same size. You could say larger because the flames always bush out and maybe you could say bigger.

What is the worst thing that could happen getting your belly button pierced?

Painful infection, enough to be hospitalized, and conceivable death, but the risks are greatly reduced if it is done properly.

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You could use mascara to make it bigger. It works. You could use mascara to make it bigger. It works.

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