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If it is a sounds that is variable with the speed of the vehicle it is probably the rear pinion gear. I have an Aerostar with 198,000 miles and just had to replace the rear axle because of this problem. It is potentially dangerous because the bearing failure causes the pinion gear to heatup drastically which turns it a blue color and destroys its strength which could lead to an axle shaft failure under load. It costs approximately $1200 to repair or you can usually find a salvage unit with life left in it for around $400.

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How much damage did Krakatoa cause?

The noise could be heard for over 3,000 miles

Why would a 2003 Dodge Neon with 59000 miles and 4000 miles on the tires make a humming or vibrating noise on the front driver side but there is no shimmy in the steering wheel?

Check the tires for cupping. If you have had an alignment problem the tires could be cupping and will make quite a lot of noise. It could also be a wheel bearing.

38000 miles on Saturn Vue squeaky noise from back when I hit a bump anyone have a clue?

your strut mount could be bad

What could be causing a slapping noise in a 1999 Toyota Tacoma with 61 thousand miles?

If the slapping noise gets progressively faster as the tires turn, check for a large nail or rock in the tire tread.

How far does whale song travel?

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What is the loudest known noise?

The explosion from the Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia is the loudest sound ever to be heard. It could be heard from over 3,000 miles away.

Why would a 96 G20 with 108k miles make noise at the crankshaft area?

Worn main and rod bearings. It could last for a while if you nurse it.

Clacking noise on the right side of motor of my subaru?

You have a rod nocking ,you could have a cv joint going out mine took about 1000 miles before it went

Is motor noise common in 2001 ford focus bought another motor with 45k miles put it in and has the same noise?

Noise is common from any engine, the TYPE of noise is what you should worry about. Is it a knocking noise? hum? squeak? rattle?

Why would your car make a knocking noise when started?

We need some more information to have a chance of hitting this one. Could be a cat under the hood, could be a clogged oil pump, oil, bad lifters or???? What kind of car and what engine? How many miles, and any recent maintenance? how long does the noise last and what does it sound like?

How loud was the loudest noise?

In recent history it was probably the eruption of Krakatoa in the Sundra Straits, August 1883. The noise was heard 3000 miles away

I Have a 2001 buick regal with124000 miles on it when you start it it makes this loud sound but once you start to drive i don't hear it what could cause that?

Check water pump they go out around 100,000 miles will start to make noise sometimes first

1995 dodge ram has ticking noise what could it be?

If you hear it only at idle and sounds faint, it is your rocker shaft. They wear on the end and makes a slight ticking noise. Mine has done it for over 100k miles and no problems. I hope you have done reg maint and kept oil changed.

Why does your 2000 Silverado with 55000 miles make a clicking noise when in reverse?

most of the time when a u-joint starts going out it will make noise in rewind first

96 Jeep Grand Cherokee experiencing a loud humming noise in front end when going around corners it has 140000 miles and new tires any thoughts?

It could be your bearing are bad.

What might be the cause of a howling noise at or above 35 miles per hour it is not changed by shifting gears but sounds like it is coming from the center of the truck or the wheels?

There are several possibilities: the tires could be worn or have deep "lugs". If the tires have worn with "cupping" they could be making noise. If it isn't the tires, it could be the drive shaft or the drive-shaft carrier bearing if it's a 2-piece drive shaft. Another possibility is the differential. If the noise only happens when accelerating or decelerating it could be the differential ring/pinion gear alignment or wear to the ring/pinion gear.

How many miles could a Spitfire fly?

The common Spitfires could fly about 800 miles. Some versions could do over 1,000 miles.

What causes a humming noise when you accelerate The noise stops when your foot is offf the gas pedal The car is a 1999 sable with 84000 miles?

wheelbearing or cv axle enjoy

What would cause the valves to make a loud knocking noise in a 1993 Saturn with 130000 miles?

it could be a number of things ranging from low oil, worn valve seats, worn or broken springs.

Ticking noise in 25 ltr motor only 47000 miles what can you do to quiet it down?

ticking noise is usually "lifter noise". if this noise increases in speed when accelerating then it is "lifter noise". just change your oil.and or maitain proper oil level.try using a medium to thick oil 20/30 20/50 , there is a product call lucas which also helps your oil lubricate the engines moving parts easier. i have use it, and it works , it takes a few miles but it works.

What is the function of utriculus in ear?

it helps you to hear far away noise even if its half miles

Why does your 2002 Saturn Vue v6 3.0 have a humming noise in the mornings it goes away after a few miles?

The humming noise can be in your exhaust system. The exhaust will heat up and seal the area where there can be a leak. The hot exhaust will cause the noise to decrease.

How many miles in 36 square miles?

36 square miles is an area. Could be 6 x 6 miles, or 4 x 9 miles, or could be any shape.

What causes engine noise in a 2003 Chevy Tracker?

In order to tell you that you would have to describe the noise and what the car is doing when the noise is made. Are you idling, driving, just turned the AC on? What is occurring and what is the noise? Idling and sounds worse when AC is on. Sounds like it is coming from the top of the engine. Vehicle has 120k miles

How many miles on a Honda Pilot before changing the brakes?

They will make a grinding noise that's how you can tell.