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start with a new fuel filter

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Q: What could the problem be in a 1993 Chevy half ton six cylinder truck The engine light will appear after 4 miles of driving and it instantly loses power It hesitates and at stops will die?
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You have an 88 4x4 efi 22r the problem is in the cluth system you have changed the master cylinder and insert to the slave cylinder but it will not hold pressure when driving all air has been bleed ou?

i had this problem with a Nissan truck i had what i done is there is prob a nut on the clutch pedal that goes to the master cylinder adjust it and c what u get

1991 Chevy lumina hesitates when driving doesn't always start Changed plugswires but still the same It will not stay running when engine is warm Any suggestions as to what might be the problem?

Check your Transmission Fluid. If it's automatic, it could simply be low.

All four of your brakes lock up on your 1999 miata not totally lock but drag at times while driving what could be the problem?

The problem will be your brake master cylinder. It is sticking. Get it reconditioned or get a new one fitted.

Your 1984 Monte Carlo hesitates when you give it gas?

More than likely a carb problem or your timing is set too low.

Your dodge Dakota idles up and down and some times hesitates?

I changed my tps sensor on my 2001 Dakota and it solved this problem.

Cadillac Seville stalls sputters hesitates?

can you tell me if this problem is with a idle air valves control on this Cadillac Seville sls 1996

What could be the problem when a 2004 Ford Explorere hesitates when the gas is stepped on at a full stop or when you turn at an intersection and then reaccelerate?

Your transmission is going bad

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2002 Camry 4 cylinder-why ruff idle-500 RPM- after new battery installed?

the ecu is reset when you disconnect the battery. after driving for awhile or letting the car idle in drive, your problem should be solved. the ecu is reset when you disconnect the battery. after driving for awhile or letting the car idle in drive, your problem should be solved.

The four wheel drive was engaged during dry highway driving and now it doesn't work. the tc engages but the front wheels won't turn?

There is some sort of vacuum cylinder or diaphragm on the front differential that engages it when you are in four wheel drive, that is probably the problem, I don't think driving it on dry pavement caused the problem.

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Why does a p Beretta 390 AL hesitates when you pull the trigger?

Tigger/sear needs cleaning/ repair. See a gunsmith if a thorough cleaning does not correct problem.

Why can't you squeeze the wooden cube into the cylinder?

The only problem that I can see is that your cube is too large. Any wooden cube with a width smaller than the diameter of the cylinder should slip right in. If you have this problem, it means that your cube and your cylinder are mismatched.

Polyploidy instantly result in a new plant species because it?

changes a species' number of chromosomes.:) no problem

How do you fix a ford fusion cylinder that is miss firing?

First you have to determine if it is a spark problem or a fuel problem.

When driving when is centrifugal force a problem?

Centrifugal force is a problem when turning at fast speeds.

Gear box atos year 2003 problem jump gear while driving?

If your gearbox in the Atos 2003 has a problem of jumping gear when driving, this may be due to a problem with the crankshaft. However, it would be best to have the problem diagnosed by a professional mechanic.Ê

Ford f-250-front brakes not releasingpossibly master cylinder problem?

Master cylinder possible but could also be wheel cylinder problems or warped rotors

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How do you repair a cylinder with no compression?

Start with removing the cylinder head to determine the cause of no compression. If it is a valve problem, have the head rebuilt. If it is a piston or piston ring problem, remove the engine for rebuilding or replacement.

WHY DOES Cylinder 3 misfires 98 ford explorer?

Could be a bad coil (each cylinder has its own) common problem

Can a 6-cylinder car jump a 4 cylinder car?

Yes, why not as long as the both 12 volt what's the problem.

What if there is not enough water in a cylinder to cover a sample?

then you would have a problem to find out the right amount of volume of the sample that you dropped in the cylinder.

What causes a 1995 Ford Probe GT 6 cylinder engine to lose power while driving down the road?

Check your spark could be that or worse case it could be a compression problem with one of your cylinders