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Go to the aid of the Army of the Cumberland at Chattanooga.

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Why was Vicksburg a strategic location for the Union Victory?

The Union could control the Mississippi River from Vicksburg

What were the key military victories of the north and south during the civil war?

Gettysburg, Vicksburg, the Battle of Chattenooga, and the Battle of Pettersburg. You could argue that that the battle of Antietam was also a key victory as it gave Abraham Lincoln the grounds to issue his preliminary emancipation proclamation, but Antietam was not a stunning victory for the North.

What was the result of the Union victory at the Battle of Vicksburg?

The victory at Vicksburg sealed off the Mississippi from use as transportation by the Confederates. They could not transfer troops or move supplies on it, and, conversely, it allowed Federal forces free reign in the Mississippi Valley to strike at will. It encouraged Sherman to formulate his plan to march through Georgia by cutting himself off from communication with supply depots as Grant did in his investment of Vicksburg. The siege also convinced Sherman that only the destruction of all means of supplies, materiel, communication, and transportation in Total War could bring about a swifter resolution to the conflict.

What was US Civil War Battle of Big Black River Bridge important?

The Battle of Big Black River Bridge was fought on May 17, 1863 in Mississippi. It was an important Union victory in that the Confederate forces were forced to leave the field and take refuge in the City of Vicksburg. No Southern army could rescue Vicksburg and Union General US Grant began a siege on Vicksburg which would cause Vicksburg to surrender on July 4, 1863.

Head of union Battle of Vicksburg?

it was Robert E. Lee but i could be wrong

Why was captain Vicksburg important to the union?

There was no captain named Vicksburg in the civil war, so no person of that name could have been important to the union or anybody else. Perhaps you are thinking of the battle of Vicksburg, which was critical.

What was the significant outcome of General Grant's victory at Vicksburg?

The siege of Vicksburg ended when the city surrendered on July 4, 1863. The major significance of its fall was that it was a propaganda victory for the Union. A careful study of the facts concerning Vicksburg will indicate that it did no great harm to the Confederacy. In fact, its capture caused the Union to garrison the city when its troops could have been dealing with more important issues of the war.

Which battle in the civil war contributed most to the union's victory?

It could be either of Gettysburg or Vicksburg - perhaps the very fact that they happened on the same day, and that Confederate troops could not have been sent from one war-zone to another very distant one, to relieve the situation at either end.

Which battle turned the tide of the civil war?

You could argue that there were two major battles in the war. The battle of Vicksburg was the major turning point. The battle of New Orleans sealed the deal for the North.

What battle meant that a northern victory way only a matter of time in the civil war?

You could say Gettysburg - remembering that Vicksburg happened on the same day (July 3rd 1863). But there was always the prospect of Lincoln losing the Presidential Election of November 1864. From that angle, you could say it was the Battle of Atlanta (August-Sept. 1864), although ironically this was not a victory, according to US Grant, who had ordered Sherman to destroy the Army of Tennessee - which had got safely out of Atlanta.

Who won in the battle of coral sea?

the battle of coral sea was fought in 1942. it was a major naval battle of World War II between the U.S and Japanese fleets. This battle would seem a tactical victory for the Japanese in terms of ships sunk, but the battle could also be looked at as a strategic victory for the allies. So it can be looked at as a dual victory.

Was the battle of Dienbienphu the only French victory over the Vietminh?

No, the Battle of Dien Bien Phu was not actually a victory for the French and so could not be considered the only French victory over the Viet Minh. About 40,000 Viet Minh attacked 15,000 French soldiers during this battle.

What was the result of the battle of fallen timbers?

the result was that the native Americans could not keep their land.

What was the Northern victory in 1863 that split the south into two parts?

The fall of Vicksburg was the victory. The Union forces from the South were able to connect with the forces from the North and divide the Confederacy in two. They could no longer count on supplies from the western states.

What battle started the Korean war?

territory but neither side could win complete victory

What was the very important battle of the civil war?

The Southern defeat at Gettysburg is regarded as the pivotal moment of the war, after which the Confederates started to look like losers. But the surrender of Vicksburg (on the same day as Gettysburg) and the earlier Union victory at Shiloh could both qualify as key events in the conflict.

What did the Union eat during the Battle of Vicksburg?

The Union's forces ate horses, dogs, and anything else that they could find, including mice.

What were key battles for the south during the civil war?

Answer Shiloh was a battle that opened up Grant's way into Mississippi. Vicksburg was the battle the cleared the Mississippi River of Confederate control. Chickamauga was a key victory for the Confederates that held the Union troops confined to Chattanooga, TN. FredericksburgSpotsylvania Gettysburg was a lose that the Confederates could not recover from. St. Petersburg and the battles for Richmond.

What is the significance of the battle of Vicksburg?

Q: What is the significance of the battle of Vicksburg?Victory in the battle of Vicksburg gave control of the Mississippi River to the Union. Remember, the Mississippi River was the "superhighway" of that era used to transport goods, crops, raw materials, etc. from the south to the North and visa-versa.Q: Why was Vicksburg a stronghold for the South?Vicksburg was a stronghold on the Mississippi River because of the terrain. The bluffs are a line of 100-200 foot clay hills that border the flat delta of the Mississippi River. These bluffs continue north from Vicksburg and swing to the East in a large arc and continues up to north-central Mississippi. These bluffs are made of clay, which allowed the army and the civilians to dig caves for safety.The Confederates mounted heavy artillery on top of these high bluffs, which allowed them to shell the Union boats on the river at long range. At close range, the gunboats could not elevate their guns to hit the top of the bluffs. Also, the Mississippi River made a sharp bend at Vicksburg, which allowed Confederate guns placed at the waters edge to hit the Union boats as they slowed to maneuver the river.

What is the Battle of Vicksburg?

The siege and battle of Vicksburg, Mississippi, took place in the spring of 1863 during the American Civil War. The Union Army under General U. S. Grant forced the Confederates into the city of Vicksburg. The Confederates held out during a lengthy siege but eventually ran out of food and other critical supplies. Several attempts to break through the surrounding forces were beaten back. On July 4, 1863, the southerners agreed to surrender the city and fortress to Grant. This action opened the last Confederate strong point on the Mississippi River, and made the river available for Union troops and supplies. It also made it possible for the states in the Ohio Valley to begin exporting goods again. Further, it cut off the important state of Texas from the rest of the Confederacy. The victory at Gettysburg and the victory at Vicksburg were announced in newspapers the same day. This double victory encouraged northerners and made many think that the war could be won.

What was the result of the battle of gettsyburg?

1 - Lee's Army of Northern Virginia could no more engage themselves in large scale invasion of Union States and become more and more pinned down on the defensive. 2 - The Confederacy had to give up every hope to be acknowledged as an Independent State and being supported by Great Britain and France. 3 - The victory added to that of Vicksburg raised again the moral of Union's home front.

Who fought in the Battle of Vicksburg what were important things that happend in the battle of vicksbug?

The Vicksburg Campaign was a long campaign where the Union forces moved ships and troops around Vicksburg in order to get into position. In May 1863, the Battle of Champion's Hill caused the Confederates to retreat back into the defenses of Vicsburg, which began a month-long siege of the city. Five times General Grant tried to attack Vicksburg and break through the defenses and all failed unil his final assault. The campaign has a lot of detailed history. I would recommend you check out the TIME-LIFE book on Vicksburg. It is not that thick and has good history with maps and such. Or you could try s book by Wiley Sword that is a 2-volume history of the entire Vicksburg Campaign.

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