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I was wondering if this is the model 39 and if so I know what it is cause I have run into this problem myself. You have to take the rear stock portion off of the gun to get to the springs in the back somehow marlin decided to make the metal in that portion to week where the spring attachs to the block and when they did this the metal tends to bend right there ever so slightly and it cause the rifle to not totally engage the firing pin that is why you will eject the cartridge and there will be and indention in the shell with no fire. You have to bend this piece back the designed position and it will fire properly again. email me at and I can send some pics of what I am talking about.CheersBug

AnswerOne other possibility comes to mind. Having grown up with Marlins that didn't have the new lawyer-enabled "safety" button on them, I found that I had to learn to be aware of the darn thing whenever I wanted to fire. If you are accustomed to just using the hammer as a safety, it is easy to push that safety button on safe without realizing it. It still allows the firing pin to dent the primer, but not discharge. This is, of course, not something that you want to count on. A dent in a primer could set the round off. I have carried this type of rifle for nearly 4 decades and never had an accidental discharge with the old system. But, liability lawsuits can result in odd additions to products. If you doubt that, read the warning tag on the beavertail of a new Husqvarna chain saw. If your rifle has that unnecessary safety button on it, that could be a cause of unfired cartridges with primers that were dented by the firing pin.
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Q: What could wrong if your Marlin will not fire again after you fired 3 rounds if the firing pin is not broken and the rear is OK?
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