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Keep it new and exciting. Don't just go to the movies and dinner; Go to concerts, Baseball games, and picnics. It is hard when you are young to keep a serious relationship alive, but if you and your partner want it enough, it will happen. Spend time together, but not TOO much time. The longer you are with them, the more comfortable and trustworthy you will become. I don't know how young your talking, but keep the sex interesting, that will keep the spark alive!


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It really depends on how much you like the person and how old you are. If you know that it could be a relationship that could one day evolve into a long lasting and healthy realtionship then it could be a very good and lengthy relationship. Theres no real way to tell if a young relationship will work out. Only time will tell...

young people could interact without supervision

if you have to convince a girl shes to young for a relationship, you might as well leave her because she is to young for a relationship. a girl knows whens shes ready and she'll tell you. or you could show her you dick juust like liam cotttle

You could but I would not recomend it.To young and may not know how a relationship works.

Well, it depends. If you really like a guy or girl then you could try it out. If you feel uncomfortable about your relationship, then try again at a later time. im 12 and i dont think its to young!!

What the person is proposing is illegal and would not be allowed. The relationship itself may be illegal depending upon the AOC of the laws of the state in which the relationship occurs. If she is so young she needs guardianship, she is too young to marry.

yes i am in a relationship..

Yes, but it depends on how young you are talking about

Billy Miller who plays Billy Abbott on the Young and the Restless is not in a relationship at this time.

no young buck is longer in gunit.

There is no reason why an 11 year old girl could not have a friend who is a boy, but 11 is certainly too young for a sexual relationship.ofcourse its too could end up real bad.

The type of relationship between a young girl and the old man is sexual offense of age.

No she is far to young to get married at the momant but is in a relationship with a young man.

You can`t. Thirteen is too young for an ongoing relationship.

The Young and the Restless is no longer on Soapnet because the producers of the show are not paying for it to be on Soapnet. As of July 2013, the show can be seen on TVGN.

....confirmed her desirability to them, established that she had a (possible) relationship with a gentleman; though at the same time it might show that she was indiscreet. It could also have been because she sought advice, opinions. Or it could have given her prestige. The 'because' depends greatly on the nature of the young lady herself, her relationship with her friends, her experience (of life, love, romance, courtship, men), whether she had parents (could be partly or wholly an orphan, or adopted) and her relationship with them (and possibly other relatives) - could she go to others for advice, etc. ?

Clarification needed. Are you a young man, and are you interested in having a relationship with her?

Being a young actor is very fun! There are so many audiences that love the spark and happiness that a young actor provides during a performance.

Sex. Lots of it. Its the "Odepus Complex". The mythological young man named Odepus was jealous of his father's relationship with his mother, so he killed his father so he could marry his mother. Hence, young men attracted to older women subconsciously yearn for their mother. I guess you could say they're "motherf_ _ kers.

12 is too young to have a serious relationship.

No, Valentine was not in a relationship. However, he was friends with the young daughter of the jailer and was teaching her about God.

I would suggest replacing it if someome stole it - otherwise if your car is young -look for causes of poor spark operations in the plug wires and related spark supply components. Usually, a distributor needs to be replaced when it is worn or malfunctioning and repair or rebuild of the distributor in no longer possible, or would cost more than replacing it.

He could feel a number of things depending on the relationship. If he is being forced to marry (say because there is a baby coming), he could feel trapped. If the relationship is based on wealth (on either side) he could feel apprehensive. If he is madly in love he could feel elated and I am sure there have been a whole gambt of other feeling that mend have felt standing before the altar.

Well, young fellow. The participation of your relationship seems rainy. It is mean by not trying to work things out.

nope and never will Julia montes said that she is too young to have a relationship

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