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take her on a date to the island of dolls :)

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If your girlfriend stay far away?

means that she doesnt really get the realatonship seriously anymore than be4

Is it legal for your girlfriend to move out from her parents house if she really doesnt like them or want to be around them anymore?

Well, it would depend on her age.. and her situation

How do you know your girlfriend don't like you?

she starts to be really mean until she doesnt want to go out anymore seriously if you are going through this you should talk to her

Why doesnt Ashley wrestle anymore?

Because her daughter is really sick.

Does Jake goldberg have a girlfriend?

No he doesnt he really single right now and looking for a girlfriend witch should be me

What do you do when you like a guy and he say he doesnt like you anymore but he really does?

forget him or make him admit it

Is max out of the Waverly place show?

its over so it doesnt really matter anymore

Why doesnt Chrysler do something about dodge ram dash boards that keep cracking and falling in?

Basically, since they are out of warranty, they really do not care anymore.Basically, since they are out of warranty, they really do not care anymore.

Does my girlfriend really not want me anymore after nearly two years?

probably not if you're asking..

Signs he is losing interest in you?

If he starts hanging out with his friends for ridiculous amounts of time. If he doesnt really compliment you anymore. If he calls you less and less. If he doesnt touch you as much as he used to or if he doesnt like, stare right into your eyes anymore. I hope this helps

What if a guy really doesn't think of you as a girlfriend but you are in love with him?

if a gut doesnt think of you as a girlfriend but you are in love with him then get a boob job and show it off in front of him.

Your girlfriend doesnt believe you when you tell her you love her how do you show her you really do love her?

make her a card or buy something prove it to her ditch your friends to be with her tell her you would run acrose just to see you once more

My ex girlfriend got with another guy as soon as we broke up would it b a rebound or really moving on and after 2 wks she still with him n she doesnt call or txt me anymre?

Your ex-girlfriend could be in a rebound relationship or maybe she did move on. If she is not calling or texting you anymore, it is time for you to move on also.

How can you seduce a guy that was interested but got really mad and doesnt want to talk to you anymore?

no, the seducing will only get him madder

What is the Free Realms code for the tux?

Well, the only way you can get it is if there is a promotional code but that doesnt happen anymore really...

Why does my girlfriend keep saying im not breaking up with you?

she may be telling you this so you don't get the wrong idea and get the impression that she is going to break up with you. she really cares for you and doesnt want you to have the feeling that she doesn't care anymore, she wants to be with you and she wants you to know that.

Help your PS2 doesnt play PS2 copies anymore?

It really was never supposed to play bootleg or copied games

How can you tell if your ex husband loves you?

ask him if he would have a threesome with you and another guy and if he goes for it then he doesnt really love you anymore

Why does my girlfriend hate all of my stuff?

if she hates all of your stuff, then that probably she doesnt really know the real you, if she hates all you stuff... then she kinda hates who you really are.

What should you do if your girlfriend doesnt show she loves you?

make an effort. ask her on a really romantic date. if she still doesn't then ASK HER!

Is Mike Wolfe's long time girlfriend Jodi Faeth really pregnant?

Not anymore. She had a baby girl two days ago.

Who does Jesse McCartney really love?

His Girlfriend is Katie Cassidy you can look it up if you don't believe me

What do you do if you think someone is interested in you and you REALLY like them but you don't really talk anymore since they have a girlfriend but you want to talk to them because they're leaving?

just be friends and hopefully the girlfriend would understand just talk to the girl fried about talking to him

What are dominant plants in the arctic tundra?

i really need to know this is for a class project and google doesnt know anything i want to know anymore!

What do you do if your friend was told that you like her boyfriend but you dont and she doesnt believe you?

Sit out the drama. There is really not much you can do here.