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== == Clams cannot exist on their own - what we think of as just a clam is actually a compact body that lives in symbiosis with tiny little organisms called zooxanthellae- which feed off of algae- So how do we keep this complex creature fed and happy? Make the place where you put your clams as close as possible to the place where they came from!....

In 8 steps you will be good to go! 1. Lighting is very Important!-metal halide lighting is best

(algae need the light--> photosynthesis-->feed zooxanthellae) 2.Water Current: Clams need some water flow. 3.Calcium: Clams need 400-450 mg/l calcium- you can use a Ca reactor 4.pH: of 8.0-8.1 5. Add Trace elements such as strontium iodine and vitamins

6. Water temperatures between 25-32 deg C 7.Nitrates-sodium nitrate solution or an ammonium nitrate solution. 8. Clams are filter feeders- so a good food source could be a solution of baking soda, yeast and water or a planktonic algae preparation For more detail refer to the Great article 'Tridachnid Clams' by David C. Potts found at the link below! I just read you can crush up fish food, and put a leaf to wither in the water. The mucus that the clam or oyster makes on it's shell collects the food and they eat it when there ready. I hope it's not a lie. Because we just got some and put them in our AQ.

that doesn't work. I got some butterfly clams from the Gulf of Mexico. i had 7. i just got some cheap goldfish food from Walmart and within a day they were dead. it might have been the type of food, but they all died overnight.

* this message in mourning of Topaz, Rosa, Sarah, Pearl, Amethyst, Mountain, and the blessed baby Diamond. May your tiny souls rest in peace*

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Q: What could you feed your pet clams?
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