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What could you feed your pet clams?

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โˆ™ 2008-09-05 16:22:44

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== == Clams cannot exist on their own - what we think of as just a clam is actually a compact body that lives in symbiosis with tiny little organisms called zooxanthellae- which feed off of algae- So how do we keep this complex creature fed and happy? Make the place where you put your clams as close as possible to the place where they came from!....

In 8 steps you will be good to go! 1. Lighting is very Important!-metal halide lighting is best

(algae need the light--> photosynthesis-->feed zooxanthellae) 2.Water Current: Clams need some water flow. 3.Calcium: Clams need 400-450 mg/l calcium- you can use a Ca reactor 4.pH: of 8.0-8.1 5. Add Trace elements such as strontium iodine and vitamins

6. Water temperatures between 25-32 deg C 7.Nitrates-sodium nitrate solution or an ammonium nitrate solution. 8. Clams are filter feeders- so a good food source could be a solution of baking soda, yeast and water or a planktonic algae preparation For more detail refer to the Great article 'Tridachnid Clams' by David C. Potts found at the link below! I just read you can crush up fish food, and put a leaf to wither in the water. The mucus that the clam or oyster makes on it's shell collects the food and they eat it when there ready. I hope it's not a lie. Because we just got some and put them in our AQ.

that doesn't work. I got some butterfly clams from the Gulf of Mexico. i had 7. i just got some cheap goldfish food from Walmart and within a day they were dead. it might have been the type of food, but they all died overnight.

* this message in mourning of Topaz, Rosa, Sarah, Pearl, Amethyst, Mountain, and the blessed baby Diamond. May your tiny souls rest in peace*

2008-09-05 16:22:44
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Q: What could you feed your pet clams?
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How do you take care of your pet clams?

Well generally you need to feed them and make sure they dont get eaten by other fish.

Do clams filter feed?

Yes, clams are filter feeders.

What do clams eat that humans can feed them?

You can feed them phytoplankton.

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What are the advantages clams get from living in sediment?

clams can feed on plants remains in the sediment

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You should not feed them wild clams because they may harbor parasites or diseases which harm your turtle. Feed them fresh clams from the supermarket. Make sure to take the shell off...

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they feed on fish, crabs, people, sharks, and clams.

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live white sharks

What do clams eat that humans can feed them as pets?


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Could you keep a salamander as a pet?

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Where can you buy clams as a pet?

Fantastic! One step up from a pet rock. You can get live clams from any seafood shop or should you live near the ocean, dig them up.

In Petpet Park how to feed your pet?

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Are clams primary consumers?

Yes, clams are known as primary consumers. Clams feed on plankton by drawing in water and filtering the food from the water before it is ejected.

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Are giant clams herbivores?

Clams do not eat any kind of food. They filter feed, which means they filter nutrients in from the water.

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They are filter-feeders, which means that they feed on plankton.Clams most commonly feed on plankton. Clams are filter feeders. They draw in water using an incurrent siphon. It's gills filter out the food and push them towards a mouth on a layer of mucus.

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