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What countries are in East Africa?

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How many countries are there in east and South Africa?

there are 16 countries in east and south Africa

What is east Africa's leader?

Africa is a continent with over 50 countries. Many of those are in the east of Africa. Each of those countries has their own leader, so there is no single leader of east Africa.

Is Kenya in East Africa?

Yes. Kenya is one of the five Countries of East Africa. Gacuuru

What countries of the Middle East are on the continent of Africa?

The Middle East is split between Asia and Africa. The countries that are located in Africa are Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco.

How many countries are located in East Africa?

10 countries

Country in east Africa?

Republic of South Sudan, Somalia and Kenya are examples of countries in East Africa.

How many countries are there in east African?

five country in east africa

What two countries which were originally part of German East Africa but were given to Belgium?

The three countries that were formally German East Africa are :- Tanganyika, Burundi and Rwanda.

Where is Islam Centered in?

Islam is mostly centred in Arabian countries, Gulf countries, Middle East, te West, Africa and Asia.

What other countries claimed parts of East Africa?

The British and Germa Claimed Certain Parts of East Africa

Where in Africa are there grasslands?

There are grasslands in South Africa and in East Africa in countries like Kenya and Tanzania.

Most developed countries in east Africa?


Which countries in the Middle East are located in the Sahara Desert?

The Sahara is located in Africa and not in the Middle East. There are no Middle East countries covered by the Sahara.

What countries line the coast of east Africa?

Kenya and Tanzania Somalia is found in the Horn of Africa (also on the East coast)

Which countries can Sikhs be found in?

Most countries in Asia, middle east, western Europe, north America and east Africa

Which two European countries extend east into Asia?

the countries are Sweden and north Africa

Middle East countries?

Countries are Afghanistan,Pakistan,Caucasus, North and South of Africa

What is the most stable nation in East Africa?

Over all, none of the countries in the region known as East Africa are stable. Ethiopia is probably the least violent to my knowledge. If it helps, the two most stable countries in Africa are Egypt, and South Africa.

Which two countries of East Africa are ethnocracies?

Rwanda and Burundi

How many countries in Africa has MacDonalds?

1.East Kenya

What countries are in the AMEA region?

Asia, Middle East, Africa

What countries you can find hyenas?

you can find them in Africa and in the middle east.

What continent is attached to Africa to the east?

Asia is attached to Africa on its east side. Some of the closest Asian countries to Africa are Saudi Arabia, Sudan, as well as Iraq.

What countries does warthogs live in?

In Africa, south of the Sahara most widely distributed in East Africa

Which of these countries are located in Middle East and North Africa?

how many country belong to north Africa