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Scotland, England, Wales, Isle of Man, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Q: What countries are near to Ireland?
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Three countries near england?

Ireland, France, Belgium.

What are the bordering countries of Scotland?

Ireland and England are bordering countries of Scotland. Answer. Ireland is separated from Scotland by sea so strictly speaking does not border it. Ireland is bordering it because it is near it.

What countries are near the United Kingdom?

France, Belgium, Holland and Ireland are closest.

What countries are near Scotland?

Depends on how you define near. England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Norway, Denmark are the nearest.

What are the nearest 5 countries near England?

The closest five countries to England are... Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Eire and France.

What are the countries near Scotland?

England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland. The first 3 plus Scotland make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern ireland.

Do any countries touch Ireland?

No, Ireland is separated from other countries.

Is Ireland located near Mexico?

No. Mexico is on North America while Ireland is on Europe. Both countries are separated by more than 8,300 Km (5,200 miles).

What are the three countries of Ireland?

The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Countries bordering Ireland?

Ireland is an island so it has no bordering countries. On the island of Ireland you have the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which have a border.Well no countries border it directly as Ireland is surrounded by water, but the 3 nearest countries are Britain, France and Spanish. Of course if you're talking about the republic of Ireland then the country that borders it would be Northern Ireland

What two countries are smaller than Ireland?

There are many countries that are smaller than Ireland. Luxembourg and Belgium are two examples of countries that are smaller than Ireland.

Are their any countries in Ireland and what are they?

There are two ways of looking at that. Ireland is a country, so there are no other countries in it. Ireland is also an island that has the Republic of Ireland on it, which can be just called Ireland, and also Northern Ireland.

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