What countries are under marxism?

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Cuba and China are two examples of Marxists countries. The USSR was also Marxist.
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What countries are under communism?

There are 5 countries under Communism: Vietnam, Cuba, China, Laos,and North Korea. Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos and China are the main fivecommunist states, though none of these countries practice purecommunism. China, Cuba, thailand and lots of eastern countries.

What is Marxism?

Marxism was originally created by philosophers Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels in the Communist Manifesto (brilliantly written, highly suggested) during 1848 in the midst of the first Red Revolution (strongly assumed to be caused by the Communist Manifesto). Marxism is the basic form and grandfather ( Full Answer )

Example of marxism?

The policies, proposals and beliefs of President Barack Obama are examples. Imposing heavy taxes on wealthier Americans in order to spread the wealth" to the less fortunate is one example. Government ownership of major segments of the economy, such as ownership of a major producer of automobile (GM) ( Full Answer )

How many countries are under England?

England . England is one of the countries which make up The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.. The others are. Scotland. Wales. Northern Ireland

Countries under anarchy?

Anarchy, by definition, is the absence of effective government (where 'effective' is meant to mean the ability to maintain order and have laws followed). So, no country will ever be "under" anarchy. Usually, the phrase is "in anarchy". As humans have found some form of government infinitely prefe ( Full Answer )

What is Marxism-Leninism?

After the death of Vladimir Lenin, Marxism-Leninism was the official ideology of the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc, and became the basis for other Communist state ideologies, including Maoism. Marxism-Leninism involves a synthesis of orthodox Marxist ideas, such as historical materialism, class s ( Full Answer )

What countries are under dictatorships?

I'm sure that Uzbeckistan, Iran, Cuba, Sudan and North Korea still have dictatorships. But I don't know if Argentenia has dictatorships as well? No, Argentina has elected officials.

Was marxism successful?

That question can only be answered once either socialism has beenacheived worldwide so that humanity as a whole can begin atransition to communism (in which case, hellz yeah!) or if humanitydestroys itself through ecological destruction, all out war, orwhatever else (in case, it wouldn't be on Marxi ( Full Answer )

Marxism and Communism?

Answer . Karl Marx once said; "I am not a Marxist!". He also once called his adherents "useful idiots". Karl Marx presented a strategy in communism much of which can be found in his book, Das Kapital . Communism? Let's compare and contrast. The difference between capitalism and communism is that ( Full Answer )

What were the effects of Marxism?

Marxist feminism def; Marxist feminism is a sub-type of feminist theory which focuses on the dismantling of capitalism as a way of liberating women. Marxist feminism states that private property, which gives rise to economic inequality, dependence, political confusion, and ultimately unhealthy socia ( Full Answer )

What countries are or have been under a monarchy?

Below are listed the countries and type of monarchy. Bahrain - King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa - Constitutional Belgium - King Albert II - Constitutional Bhutan - King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchukin - Transitional1 Brunei - Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah - Constitutional Cambodia - King Noro ( Full Answer )

Which countries run under sea?

The Chanel Tunnel is an underground rail system that connects bothFrance and the United Kingdom. It runs under the sea.

What was marxism?

marxim is an ideology that contribute by karl marx about classless society or socialist communist from bourgouise kapital

What are the characteristics of under developed countries?

An underdeveloped country has one or some of the following charactertics in common:. 1. These countries has low reservoir of natural resources.. 2. The economy is backward, often aggregarian economy, which many a times suffers unpredicatble natural climatic condition.. 3. Low level of industriali ( Full Answer )

What country is ruled under by monarchy?

There are still many countries today with kings and queens, even afew that are absolute monarchies, where the ruler holds all thepower. An example of this type is Saudi Arabia. Another type is aconstitutional monarchy where the king or queen is more of aceremonial figure. A country with this type of ( Full Answer )

Countries under british rule?

During the times of the Imperialism, Great Britain managed tosubject many great and resourceful countries under his rule. As of2002, many of those countries have managed to declare theirindependence from the British yoke, however, there are still a fewthat remain part of the Britain as overseas terr ( Full Answer )

What countries are still under totalitarianism's?

Here are some: . Laos . Vietnam . North Korea . Cuba . Afghanistan . Totalitarianism is generally defined to be total state control of all part of society, with the state being (in turn) controlled by a single individual, single family, or very small group of individuals. Absolute Monarch ( Full Answer )

Countries under Feudalism?

no countries live under feudalism today. Afghanistan may be an exception because of the way they rule.

Countries under theocracy?

Theocracy is a form of government in which a state is governed religious leaders who think they are imposing God's wishes. This would include: . Islamic republics such as Iran would be considered to be Theocracies. . Holy See (Vatican City) . Israel . Central Tibetan Administration Some co ( Full Answer )

Which of these countries is under communist rule?

North Korea isn't actually a communist country ; it is feudalistic featuring a dynastic family brutally holding power over a terrorized population. The only truly real communist country was Cuba but it is slowly trying to reorganize since Mother Russia can no longer prop up its fragile economy.

What countries are under communist government?

China, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos.... Also North Korea. Additionally China is no longer a traditionally communist country as their societies thrive on capitalist ideology (unless you count their treatment of rural citizens, oh and the sending back of North Korean defectors).

In Marxism who is the proletariat?

The proletariat is the unpropertied working class. They can be distinguished from small farmers or artisans in that they do not own any part of the means of producing anything. A farmer who owns his land and equipment owns some of the means he needs to produce agricultural produce; a cobbler or othe ( Full Answer )

In Marxism who are the bourgeoisie?

Anyone who owns the means of production (productive land, factories, etc) or who makes a profit through the exploitation of wage labour -- employing someone for a wage which is less than the value their labour provides. The implication is that the member of the bourgeoisie can therefore live off of ( Full Answer )

In Marxism who is the bourgeoisie?

The Bourgeoisie are the ruling class, they own all the means of production within a country. They control the state, religion and media to further their own goals and maintain the proletariat as the working clas to serve them.

When did marxism start?

Marx and Engels started their work in the early 1840's. As a distinct philosophy however it was not until at least the 1870's until Marx and Engels had gained a reasonable number of followers within the revolutionary movement in Europe.

What are the difference between marxism and neo marxism?

Marxism is a political, economic and social philosophy that primarily seeks to understand how society works and how to change it. Neo-Marxism is a term sometimes used to refer to some of the different strains of Marxism that developed in the 20th century. Strains such as structural Marxism and Weste ( Full Answer )

When did marxism come to be?

Marxism started to be developed by Marx and Engels in the 1840's,though they called it scientific socialism.

How does marxism work?

Honestly i really dont know i only know that it is really just like prejeducy and very segragated but only by gender. marxism is for a fact against femeninity and communism which unfortunatley is part of the reason tha marxism has so mush negative feedback.

What countries are under marxism-Leninism?

The word Marxism-Leninism is used roughly as a synonym for Communism. (Marx was a philosopher who wrote about his ideas for a Communist state, and Lenin was an early leader of the Soviet Union, which was the name Russia took during its Communist period.) China is still a Communits country, although ( Full Answer )

Which countries were not under british rule?

Liberia was never under control of Great Brittain, Rome was never under Brittish rule, in fact, Rome controlled England and Scotland, and Wales, and northern Ireland. When the Romans were in Britain, the people that were to become the Scots and the English had not yet arrived. The Scotti tribe ( Full Answer )

Why marxism failed?

Marxism didn't fail. Most of the revolutions that had Marxism astheir ideology only had a perverted version of it. Also, all of thecountries where a socialist revolution has occurred in highlyunfavourable conditions, without the right material conditionssocialism will almost certainly fail.

What does Marxism stand for?

If I'm not mistaken, Marxism was inspried and created by a man called Karl Marx, an influential communist. 'Workers of all countries, unite!' Who said that? Karl Marx. He believed that a person should be paid according to their job and how much land they had and etc.

What countries are under British law?

There is no such thing as British law. England and Scotland have their own legal systems although they have similar laws,

What countries are under the Schengen agreement?

The full list of the 26 current (as of 2012) members of the Schengen area is: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Sloveni ( Full Answer )

What countries have Marxism?

Since the general collapse of international communism around the year 1990, there are relatively few countries in the world which practice any form of Marxism or Marxist-Leninism. Cuba and Vietnam qualify. China practices laissez-faire capitalism combined with a dictatorial oligarchy that calls itse ( Full Answer )

Marxism-why is marxism like a soccer league table?

Teams with lots of money such as Chelsea and Manchester City are high up in the Barclay's Premier League at the moment. Whereas teams struggling financially, are also struggling in the league, Liverpool. This emphasises material possession in football. Marxism sees society as a Capitalist social ord ( Full Answer )

Is Marxism a religion?

No. Marxism is best described a political belief and definitely not a religious one. Karl Marx was decidedly against organized religions, which he called the opiate of the the masses.

In marxism who is bourgeoisie?

The middle class, they would be the ones that the lais-fair rose up and took down the bougeoisie

Who developed Marxism?

Marxism was developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and later developed by Lenin and by Mao Tse-Tung, among others.

Is marxism good?

Marxism in itself is good. What the communists did with it was bad. Some would argue human nature won't allow for Karl Marx's views to work. Karl Marx believed that private ownership of the means of production would would make wage-slaves of the proletariat (workers). He was right.

What do you mean by under developed country?

Underdevelopment takes place when resources are not used to their fullsocio-economic potential, with the result that local or regional development is slower in most cases than it should be. Furthermore, it results from the complex interplay of internal and external factors that allow less developed ( Full Answer )

When was the collapse of marxism?

Marxism has never collapsed. The collapse of the Soviet Union is often refered to as the "collapse of Communism" however. In regards to Marxism, many within mainstream academia say that Marxism is done and that it can't tell us anything or much about the world anymore but others in more radical circ ( Full Answer )

What ideas did Lenin add to Marxism to create Marxism Leninism?

Lenin work is probably the most important within Marxism since Engels died and he had quite a few very significant ideas. One is his work on imperialism, he was the first to properly recognise that capitalism has changed and entered a new stage defined by monopoly and a new form of control by the we ( Full Answer )

Why did marxism in industrialized countries never work?

There has never been a socialist revolution in any industrialised nation, but socialism failed in most of the countries it was being tried to be implemented in for many reasons. The major reason is that those countries were so poor and did not offer much materially for the development of socialism. ( Full Answer )