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What countries border Mongolia?


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Mongolia borders two countries. They are Russia and China.


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China and Russia are the two countries that border Mongolia.

The two countries that border Mongolia are Russia on the north and China on the south, east and west.The two countries that border Mongolia are Russia on the north and China on the south, east and west.Mongolia is surrounded by 2 powerful countries they are Russia and china and also Mongolia and china share there a piece of landChina and Russia are the two countries that border Mongolia.Mongolia borders Russia and China. Mongolia's northern border is shsred with Russia. It's curved southern border is shared with China.Russia on the north and China on the south, east and west.

The Gobi Desert is located on the border of China and Mongolia.

Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, and North Korea.

Mongolia is bordered by China and Russia.

There are two. Russia borders Mongolia to the north. China is located to the east, west and south.

Mongolia, Korea, Vietnam, India, and Pakistan.

Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan..... !

mongolia, russia, and north korea

Do you mean Mongolia? Siberia (a possession of Russia), and China.

thae answer is mongolia, india, and north korea

Russian BordersChina, Norway, and Mongolia border Russia. All the other countries that border Russia are as follows:AzerbaidjanFinlandGeorgiaKazakhstanUkraine

The Border between the two countries separating Russia and China is just that a Border line.

Mongolia, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar.

There are eleven countries that border China. They are North Korea, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and Nepal.

Countries that border China are Mongolia, the 'stans': Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Myanmar, Laos, and Viet Nam.

Countries which border both China and Russia by land are North Korea, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

For Modern China, that will be Russia and that little punk, Mongolia.

There are a number of countries to the south of Russia. The countries directly south of Russia are Kazakhstan, Mongolia, as well as China.

Moving from west to east, KAZAKHSTAN, RUSSIA, MONGOLIA, (RUSSIA again), and NORTH KOREA border northern China.

Mongolia share a border with China and Russia.

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