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What countries celebrate St Patrick's Day?

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We here in Canada celebrate, some of us get carried away.

AnswerWe do here in the UK, which is Wales, England, Northern Ireland & you can add those to your collection! AnswerIt is also widely celebrated here in the United States, given our large population of Irish descendants.
Its Celebrated in Australia just as big as if it was Australia day they even turn the Opera house Green! but it is also celebrated in Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Argentina and New Zealand.
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What holidays does the Irish celebrate?

st patricks day

What rivers are dyed green to celebrate St Patricks Day?


Do you have to be Jewish to celebrate ST Patricks Day?

No. Anyone can celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Jew would not celebrate the religious aspect as it is a Christian feast day, not a Jewish one, but they might celebrate the Irish aspects of it.

What are some ways people celebrate St Patricks day?

Wear a TON of green :)

Which US city was the first to officially celebrate St Patrick's Day?

Boston is the first city that St. patricks day was celebrated.

What holidays do people celebrate in Guatemala?

Christmas, St. Patricks Day, and New Years eve.

Do the Irish celebrate Saint Patrick's Day?

Yes, the Irish celebrate St. Patricks day. Just like every other country does. St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.

What does the date of St Patricks day stand for?

it stands for the date of St Patricks day.

What was the Traditions St patricks day?

patricks day Is the word

What do the Scottish wear on St Patricks Day?

The same thing they wear any other day since they don't celebrate it.

Where does St Patricks day take place?

Irish people all over the world celebrate St Patrick's Day on 17 March each year.

What is the color associated with St. Patricks Day?

The colour associated with St. Patricks day is: Green

What holidays do they celebrate in Ireland?

We celebrate the usual:St. Patricks DayChristmasHalloweenEaster weekValentine's DayApril Fool's (1st of April)New Years

What are the national days of the four countries of the UK?

* England - St. Georges day * Wales - St. Davids day * Scotland - St. Andrews day * Northen Ireland - St. Patricks day

Do all countries celebrate st Patrick day?

only some countries celebrate st. patties day. but we have whats called an americanized st pattys day which is all about drinking.......which isnt the real reason for st patttysss day

What is the biggest Irish holiday?

St. Patricks day! About 65% of the people at the St. Patricks day parade are Irish!

What countries celebrate St Nicholas day?


What do you do for St. Patrick's day?

pinch people..

What is the Importance of potatoes on Saint Patricks Day?

Potatoes are not special on st. patricks day

Where did st Patricks day start?

st. patricks day was originally started in Ireland putos suck my pito puto

Where does the apostrophe go in st Patricks day?

St. Patrick's Day

When was st Patricks day first celebrated?

St. Patricks day was first celebrated in Boston, America, March 17th, 1737.

Where does Cleveland Ohio rank in nation for St Patricks day parades?

Cleveland has the 3rd largest St Patricks day parade.

What does the US celebrate?

Presidents day, Valentines day, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Columbus day, Ground hog day, St. Patricks day, Cinco De Mayo, and more