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Despite popular belief, yes They will eat chickens and attack cats, and can easily be kept out if you get an electric fence and the fence is into the ground by 30cm as they dig as well as jump 2m fences. They are good for farmers but not foul or game farmers, they can also be carriers of mange.
No, they are not

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Are opossum vermin?

Some people class them as vermin, but they don't do any harm.

Are woodpeckers considered vermin?

No. Vermin are usually small to medium sized pests of the mammal class rodentia. This means that while mice, rats, and raccoons are vermin, birds such as the woodpecker are not.

What is the class of a red fox?

Mammalia is the class of the red fox.

Are border terriers scent dogs?

I suppose so. Border Terriers were originally bred as fox and vermin hunters

Fox hunting facts?

Fox hunting became popular in the 17th and 18th century. People navigated from deer hunting to fox because fox were considered vermin, and because there was a lack of deer to hunt as sport. People use dogs and horses to aid in the hunting of fox.

Are rabbits vermin?

No they are not vermin!

What are rats and squirrels commonly called?

In many countries, rats and the grey squirrel are classed as vermin.

Is the word VERMIN plural?

Vermin is a word that is both plural and singular. i.e. There was a vermin in my house. i.e. Those rats are vermin.

Are weasels considered vermin?

No, weasels are not considered as vermin but they do feed on vermin such as mice and rats.

Could a falcon or a hawk eat a toy fox terrier?

Yes, it can, but it might prefer rabbits,rats, and other small vermin.

What part of speech is vermin?

Vermin is a noun.

What is a sentence with the word vermin?

The cellar is swamped with vermin.He was a vermin so I called off the wedding.

Can you kill a fox on your own land?

Foxes are considered vermin in the UK and can be killed if on your land, provided it is done humanely without unnecessary suffering.

Are snakes vermin?

Snakes are reptiles. They eat vermin.

What class does a fox belong in?


Are raccoons listed as vermin?

No, raccoons are not vermin. They may be pests but such animals as rats and mice would be considered as vermin.

Are badgers vermin?

There is much debate regarding classifying badgers as vermin. Some argue they are vermin based on the definition of vermin as destructive creatures. Others say badgers are not destructive.

Are squirrels vermin?

To a lot of people, yes. Squirrels are vermin.

What is a sentence with vermin in it?

Those vermin in my yard are tearing it up!

How do you use vermin in a sentence?

He got rid of the vermin using a shovel.

What is the duration of Urban Vermin?

The duration of Urban Vermin is 1320.0 seconds.

When was Vermin Supreme born?

Vermin Supreme was born in 1961-06.

What class is a fox in?

They're mammals Mammalia.

Is a raccoon a rodent vermin?

Raccoons are considered to be pests by many people but are not vermin.

When was Joël Vermin born?

Joël Vermin was born on 1992-02-05.

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