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Obviously, once Germany and Hitler were defeated, they controlled no countries. Not even Germany.

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Q: What countries did Germany control when Hitler was defeated in 1945?
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What European countries did Hitler control before his defeat in 1945?

Hitler controlled Germany, Poland, Austria, France, Hungary, and part of the Czech Republic before he was defeated.

Why did the invasion of Russia happen?

Hitler wanted to control all the world and Russia was part of that. It was also a threat and one of the countries that defeated Germany in World War I.

How did hitler use Germany?

Used it to keep control and attack other countries

What year was Germany defeated by Hitler?

May 7,1945. Actually, Hitler didn't defeat Germany since Hitler was Germany's leader.

Which 2 countries fought each other in the world war?

Germany and Britain! Britain won and defeated Hitler and put a stop to WWII

How far did Hitler gain control of Germany?

He gained total control of Germany.

Which countries did Hitler rule?


How did Hitler control the Country?

if you mean Germany then used propaganda, terror and controlled education other countries he invaded them

What European countries were under Hitler's control in 1933?

In 1933 Hitler Chancellor Germany and didn't control any other country. The first foreign country that Hitler annexed was Austria (in 1938).

What communist leader defeated Hitler and his forces at the Battle of Stalingrad?

The communist leader who defeated Hitler in the battle of stalingrad was Joseph Stalin. He was the leader of the USSR who defeated Germany in the battle of Stalingrad.

What is Dwight Eisenhower?

A president who was elected in 1952, and defeated Germany and Hitler.

Where is the Hitler youth from and what countries were involved?

The Hitler Youth was from and involved many countries including Germany, Austria, Denmark, etc. Mostly countries related or near Germany.

What part of Germany did Hitler have control of?

All of it.

When did Hitler control Germany?

From 1933 to 1945.

Did Hitler control all of Germany?


What did Germany gain from the Anschluss?

Hitler reunited all the German-speaking countries, he also became very powerful as he had control of the armies of two other countries.

What year did hitler gain control of German?

Hitler first had substantial control of Germany on January 30th 1933, when he becomes Chancellor of Germany but it wasn't until 2nd August 1934 when the German President Paul Von Hindenburg died, and Hitler made himself Fuhrer of Nazi Germany, when Hitler had full control of Germany.

Who got defeated in the Battle of Stalingrad in february 1943?

The country that was defeated in the battle of stalingrad was Nazi Germany. The leader that lead Nazi Germany was Adolf Hitler.

What countries did Hitler become chancellor of?

Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933, and that was it.

What tear did Hitler gain control of Germany?

Hitler became chancellor in 1933.

What makes Germany different from other countries?


What happened when Germany invaded Russia in 1941?

Russia and Germany declaired war on each other around 1941 and Russia defeated Germany on January 27, 1944. By 1945 Hitler was nearly going to be defeated and capture by numerous countries so instead of that he and his wife commited suicide.russia kicked ass

Why did Adolf Hitler wanted to control germany?

He wanted to control germany because he wanted to free germany and the world from Jews and Communism

For how long was Hitler in control of Germany?

From 1933 to 1945.

What year did Hitler take control of Germany?