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None were invaded in the military 'invasion' sense prior to 1938. Austria was absorbed voluntarily into Greater Germany. The Munich pact that involved France and Britain allowed Germany to take over portions of Czech in 1938. Possibly it could be called 'invasion' in that in latter 1938 Germany did take over most the non-Munich portions of Bohemia and Slovakia - placing them under 'protectorate status', similar to the multitude of colonies 'protected' by France, Russia and Britain. In addition to Germany, Hungary and Poland also sliced off small parts of Slovakia for themselves. Germany did not really invade any nation until Sept. 1, 1939 when the war with Poland began. Germany in this regard was late to the game since Poland, Italy, Japan and Russia had all increased their respective territories prior to Germany by direct invasion of neighbors or colonies.

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Q: What countries did Hitler invade after 1939?
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What countries did Hitler invade in 1933?

He didn't invade in 1933, but began in 1939 with Poland.

What countries did Hitler invade from 1939 to 1944?

Poland, France, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Russia, Denmark

What areas did Hitler invade or annex prior to September 1939?

Austria and Czechoslovakia and bits of other countries.

When did Hitler start to invade?

in September 1 1939 (he invade Poland)

What year did Hitler invade?

1939 Poland

What country did Hitler invade in 1939?


Which year did Hitler invade Poland?


When did Hitler invade Prague?

Hitler invaded Prague in March 1939.

What year did Hitler invade Poland?

Hitler started to invade Poland September 1st 1939, and Neville Chamberlain declared war.

How many countries did Hitler invade before 1939?

Austria and Czechoslovakia were annexed and invaded prior to Poland being attacked with a blitzkrieg style of attack in September 1939.

Where did Hitler first invade in Poland?

On its western border, in 1939.

What countries did Italy invade in 1939?


WHEN DID Hitler invade Polnd?

1st September 1939 / invasion ended on 6th of October 1939

What country did Hitler invade after appeasement?

Poland, on September 1st 1939

What is the importance to Hitler of Germany's 1939 non-aggression treaty with the Soviet Union?

well the treaty allowed Hitler to invade many countries without any soviet intervention.

What countries did the soviet union invade in 1939?


Which countries did Germany invade in 1938 and 1939?

Poland ,

What countries didn't Hitler invade?

The only countries Hitler didn't invade in Europe was Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland, and Turkey. He didn't invade these countries because either he made a treaty with them or the country had no economic or territorial interests.

What did Hitler promise after the treaty?

In 1938, Hitler promised not to invade Poland, then in 1939, he did, and World War Two began.

Why did Russia help Hitler invade other countries?


When did Hitler invade Poland and World War 2 start?

September 1, 1939

Did HITLER invade any countries during 1940?

yes, he did many countries in the 1940s

What countries to Hitler invade?

he really invaded Poland Hungary and other neighboring places but he did not invade the USA

How did Adolf Hitler invade countries in World War 2?

With his army

Which two countries did hitler invade first?

France that's one