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From September 1st 1939, to May 7th 1945, Hitler counquered with the German army invaded ten countries. He invaded Poland, Denmark, Norway, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Vichy France. All colonies not included. He took North Italy but did not counquer all of Italy as he tried to keep allied armies in Italy and Mussolini in power, and he attacked the Soviet Union, but failed in counquering it, instead ending in defeat. Hitler and the Nazis also invaded Czechoslovakia in September of 1938, in which Britain and France attempted to appease Hitler; but of course failed.

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Q: What countries did Hitler take over during World War 2?
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What countries were not taken over by Hitler during the holocaust?

Do you mean what countries that took part in the Holocaust were not taken over by Hitler? Because obviously he did not take over any country in the Americas, nor most of the world.

What were the countries Hitler took over during World War II?

Hungary Finland Belgium Bulgaria

What countries did Hitler fail to take over during world war 2?

Great Britain and the Soviet Union

How many countries did Hitler take over in ww2?

Hitler Invaded and took over Czechoslovakia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Italy and Poland, taking over 5 countries during ww2.

What countries did Adolf Hitler take over during the Holocaust?

most of Europe.

What countries did the Jews affect during World War 2?

What do you mean by "What countries did the Jews affect during World War 2"? They were the ones affected by Hitler and his Nazi murderers. Over 6 million were murdered, for just being Jewish.

What were the countries in World War 2 fighting over?

well, not Jews. i guess they wanted to stop Hitler from taking over the world

Why did Hitler destroy all off these countries?

coz he wanted power over the world!

What impacts did Hitler and Stalin have on the world during and after World War 2?

Hitler, as you know, commited suicide when he rule over most of Europe was over. Besides the impact that the aftermath of the Holocaust had on the world, his terror was over.

What were the first two countries did Hitler take over in World War 2?

Poland, Denmark

How many countries were in World War 1?

Over 100there was over 30 countries involved during ww1

How many countries did germany take over during world war 2?

seven countries

What countries that took part in the holocaust were not taken over by Hitler?

you have countries such as Slovakia and Bulgaria, but if they had governments that Hitler did not approve of or were uncooperative, then they would have been taken over.

Name two countries Hitler took over before World War 2 started?

Czechoslovakia & Poland

Which countries did Hitler take over in 1943?


What was the reason Hitler started World War 2?

he started trying to take over other countries in Europe, thinking that he could conquer and rule the world. then other countries like the U.S. started defending the countries being taken over by the Nazi's

What are 3 countries that Adolf Hitler took over in World War 2?

Poland, Belgium and (certain parts of) France.

How did Hitler take over countries?

Mostly, he invaded them with his military.

How many countries did Adolf Hitler take over?


Why did Hitler take over countries in 1943?

Because, he wanted to.

Who was Hitler and why was he so bad?

Adolf Hitler was the NAZI leader of Germany during World War Two. He supported a genocide of all people of the Jewish faith. He tried to take over the world.

What countries in Europe did Hitler take over?

Hitler annexed Russia, France and England and then in September of 1939 Poland, Austria and the Rhineland lost patience with his advances and declared war on Hitler, starting the Second World War

What countries did Hitler take over prior to the start of World War ll?

It was when Germany occupied Czechoslovakia. But the first country was Poland. = =

What were the countries that Hitler took over at the beginning of war world 2?

Poland, Czechoslovakia, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway.

Why did Germany take over other countries?

Hitler knew germany needed more living spacesand he wanted to conquer the world