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These countries were attacked by Fascist Italy. It didn't succeed in conquering them all. 1935-36: Abyssinya (now Ethiopia and Eritrea) 1939: Albania 1940: Greece, France, Egypt.

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Q: What countries did Italy conquer?
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What countries did napoleon not conquer?


What two European countries tried to conquer and dominate Italy?

french and the spanish tried to conquer Italy, fighting each other in Italy for 30 years

What countries did Louis xiv conquer?

I think Louis XIV battled Spain , Germany and Italy

What countries did Julius Caesar conquer?

one was the Celtic gaul and Britain also rome and Italy

What enabled Rome to conquer Italy?

I think you are confused. Rome is in Italy. They didn't conquer themselves.

Did Saint Philip want to conquer Italy?

Saint Philip did not want to conquer Italy and was in no position to do so.

What countries did Napoleon conquer?

France, Spain, the boot of Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, western Germany and eastern Poland.

What was romes military strategy to conquer Italy?

Rome did not have a military strategy to conquer Italy because she did not have a plan to conquer Italy. Her expansion into Italy was the result of winning several separate wars, sometimes quite apart in history, which were fought for different reasons.

Why did the Romans decide to conquer all of Italy?

The Romans decided to conquer all of italy because they wanted to expand their empire.

What parts of Italy did Napoleon conquer?

Northern and Central Italy.

How many countries did the Normans conquer?

How amy countries did the Normans conquer over out of all?

Did the moors conquer Italy?

Yep they did

What country did Italy conquer in 1935?


What year did Italy conquer Ethiopia?


Which countries did emperor Nero conquer?

Nero did not conquer any lands.

How do countries conquer other countries?

By going to war.

What countries did Italy conquer in World War 2?

None. The only countries they successfully conquered happened before the war started (Ethiopia) or with help from Germany (Greece, Albania, Yugoslavia, France).

How many countries did German want to conquer?

Germany wanted to conquer the world.

When did the Etruscans conquer most of Italy?

700 b.c.

Which of the regions or nations did Alexander not conquer?

Italy or China

When did Mussolini conquer Italy?

When he worked with the soviet union

Where the Romans able to conquer all of Italy?

Yes they did

Who tried unsuccessfully to conquer Italy?

nick percola

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What countries did Netherlands conquer?

my butt

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