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Japan wanted to have control over most of the world, and in order to do that they needed to attack the Indies, Malaya, and the Philippines; no one ever thought they would attack the U.S.

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Q: What countries did Japan occupy prior World War 2?
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What were the countries japan took over prior to world war 2?


What was japan prior to in 1853?

Isolated from the world

Japan prior to 1853 was..?

Isolated from the world.

What wars did Japan fight prior to World War 2?

Japan had fought a war with Russia and had invaded Manchuria prior to the start of World War II.

What two Asian countries hosted the Olympics prior to Beijing?

Japan and South Korea.

What was japan called prior to 1853?

isolated from the world- apex

Why did japan occupy China during World War 2?

Prior to as well as during World War II, Japan occupied significant portions of China, with various offensives and other action taken with the aim of subjugating China as a whole. Japan did so for the sake of expanding its own empire while also taking control of the material resources found within China.

Which country invaded China prior to World War 2?


What two countries dominated Korea prior to 1945?

prior to 1945, Korea was controlled by Chaebol (a family group of businesses) and later control went Japan until 1945 when Japan was defeated during WW2

How many different countries have won the World Cup prior to 2010?

There were 7 countries who won the world cup. All were hosts.

What province of China did Japan invade prior to World War 2?

I believe it was Manchuria.

What countries did the USSR invade prior to the World War 2?

central aisa

Was signed by 62 countries prior to World War 2?

munich pact

When does Japan withdraws from the League of Nations prior to World War 2?

27 March 1933.

What aggressive actions did Japan do prior to World War 2?

They bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

What countries did Italy take over prior to World War 2?

It is debatable but the countries occupied by Italy prior to the outbreak of world war 2 were: Austria, Ethiopia, Mongolia, and other parts of Southern Europe and Northern Africa

Which countries formed the Axis?

Prior to WWII, it was Germany, Italy and Japan. I know other countries became allies of these three, but officially the Tri-Part Axis was the official treaty.

What countries did Germany take over prior to World War 2?

Austria and Czechoslovakia.

What was Russia's involvement with other countries prior to World War 1?

nevermind. nevermind.

What were the strength of the axis prior to World War 2?

Germany had a strong army. Japan had a strong navy.

Why did japan invade other nations prior to World War 2?

to obtain oil and raw materials

What was Japan's relationship with other lands in the region prior to World War 2?

In the years between World War I and II, Japan created a puppet state in Manchuria and was interested in gaining power in other Asian countries. They very aggressively pursuing these tactics.

Why did Japan follow a policy of imperialism prior to World War 2?

natural resources, japan has few, manchuria in china had what they needed and Korea had manpower to exploit them.

What was Japan two options of having oil?

I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. Since Japan has no oil of its own, it must purchase and import oil from other countries. Prior to the start of World War II, the United States and other oil producing countries embargoed oil to Japan. One of the reasons Japan went to war was to ensure the continued supply of oil and other commodities. It did this by occupying the oil producing areas of the Netherlands East Indies.

What year did Germany occupy Poland Prior to World War I?

Poland was forcibly partioned between Prussia, Austria and Russia in three stages - in 1772, 1793 and 1795.