The Battle of Hastings
William the Conqueror

What countries did William the Conqueror conquered?

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What year did William the Conqueror conquer Britain?

William the Conqueror conquered Britain in 1066.

Why was William of Normandy known as William the Conqueror?

Because he conquered England.

Why was William the Conqueror remembered?

because he conquered england

Who was William the Conqueror and how did he get his name?

William (1027-1087 AD) was King of Normandy and conquered England in 1066, becoming known as William the Conqueror (William I of England).

Who was the Duke of Normandy who conquered England in 1066?

William I , The Conqueror.

Who was the Norman duke who conquered England in 1066?

William Afterwards call William the Conqueror

What year did William the Conqueror invade England?

William the Conqueror conquered England from the Saxon king Harold in 1066. William was crowned on Christmas day in 1066

In 1066 at the Battle of Hastings the English were conquered by?

William the conqueror, i think

Who was the William the Conqueror?

He was a French nobleman who conquered England in 1066 AD

Why did William the Conqueror make his nickname conqueror?

Because he conquered England. Don't know if he actually chose it though...

How did William the Conqueror spread feudalism?

because he conquered a city that no one have conquered and never was conquered again. tha city was englnd

Who was a significant person in medieval England?

William The Conqueror, as he was known, after he conquered England.

When did William the Conqueror conquer England at the battle of hastings?

he conquered the battle in 1066

What did the English call William the Conqueror?

William the Bastard (as he was illegitmate) or officially the Duke of Normandy which he was before he conquered England.

Why was William the Conqueror unpopular in England?

Because he conquered England and stole the people's land.

When did William the Conqueror conquer England?

William the Conqueror, conquered England on 14 October 1066. A legend is that King Harold II died in the battle with an arrow in one eye.

Why was William the Conqueror given that title?

William was called the Conqueror because he conquered England in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings. For over 300 years England's "official" language was FRENCH.

What did William the Conqueror do to the Anglo-Saxons?

William the Conquerer conquered the Anglo-Saxons and required that they swear fealty to him as their King.

What did King William do when he was king?

If you are referring to William I (William the conqueror), click on "William the conqueror" under "Related links" below.I think what it says in the name...he CONQUERED! obviously!Errm yerr i think he ruled for a while and then he just died?!

What French leader conquered the King of England He brought French culture to England?

William the Conqueror

How did William the conqeror get his nickname the conqeror?

The conqueror refers to the fact that he conquered the previous English King.

What did Wiliam the Conqueror do?

William the Conqueror conquered England in 1066. He was also Duke of Normandy from 1035. He invaded England to try to take the English crown.

Why is William the Conqueror called the Conqueror?

Well, because he conquered - specifically, because he conquered England. before that, he was William of Normandy, and before that William the Bastard. This is usually assumed to be correct, but in fact "Conqueror" is a mis-translatiion of the original title Conquaestor, which is a legal term and simply means "Acquirer". Check out Blackstone's Commentaries on the laws of England:-

Can you have 3 reasons how king William the Conqueror conquered England?

he was good he was brave he was cleverer than u

What group of people did William the Conqueror lead in taking over England in 1066?

he conquered Spanish and the spans