What countries did ancient Egypt conquer?

Ancient Egypt's territory changed many times over its 3000 years of existence. When Egypt became a unified country under the pharaoh Menes, it was just a small civilization in the Nile river valley. Eventually, though, as the kingdom grew and new pharaohs came into power, Egypt conquered many more lands. The first was Nubia, a land whose name literally means gold. Much wealth was gained from conquering Nubia, and Egypt then stretched the entire length of the Nile River. Egypt then began to conquer modern day Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq (location of the ancient society Mesopotamia) and Iran. At one point Egypt's boundaries even extended into Asia. However, Egypt did not hold control of these faraway lands for long. It was just too much for the pharaoh to be in control of, and because of this, nomarchs became more powerful - leading Egypt into its first intermediate period. For the most of Ancient Egypt's existance, though, the kingdom stretched the length of the Nile River.