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China, Singapore and Burma


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Germany invaded Poland before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Manchuria,Thailand, pearl harbor and Taiwan apex= Korea

Countries send in armys to invade other countries for possession over resources and land.

The countries he invaded were Anschluss, Austria, Sudentenland, Chechoslovakia, and Poland.

well i think japan is very cruel to invade other countries and they don't think before they invade their just plainly cruel

The attack on Pearl Harbor was an invasion, from the air, by the Japanese.

Well, Caesar didn't invade 2 countries but he did invade Brittain twice: once in 55 BC and once in 54 BC

Germany's military plan to invade France rapidly through neutral Belgium before attacking Russia

He didn't invade in 1933, but began in 1939 with Poland.

The only countries Hitler didn't invade in Europe was Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland, and Turkey. He didn't invade these countries because either he made a treaty with them or the country had no economic or territorial interests.

At the time, the Philippines were a US possession that was scheduled to receive full independence in 1946. Nevertheless, the Philippines were a base for US armed forces and would have to be neutralized once Japan had decided to attack Pearl Harbor. So they had to invade the Philippines to prevent their use by the US as a base for attacking them.

The South started the war by attacking Fort Sumter.

07:48 , the morning of December 7, 1941 .

The Yamato was the aircraft carrier that launched the planes that attacked Pearl Harbor, attacked the Philippines (an invasion) and attacked the Midway Islands (but failed to invade).

he really invaded Poland Hungary and other neighboring places but he did not invade the USA

It does not invade other countries.

They never really invaded. The attacked the ships and buildings in the harbor with aircraft and small two man submarines. They did not land troops.

Ireland was a neutral country in World War 2. So it was not directly involved in the war and did not invade any countries.

Germany did not invade any countries during Dunkirk. The entire operation was within France, which Germany already controlled.

Hitler lead Germany to invade many other countries in Europe. Since many of the countries in Europe were part of the Allies such as: Britian. Then they bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawiia which caused the U.S. to join the war.

yes, he did many countries in the 1940s

In my opinion, komodo dragons are simply striking back at people because we invade their territory.

Well..... the Japanese people wanted to invade Pearl Harbor so.... I guess.... you could say that the Japanese started The whole big mess

Some reasons why other countries invade others is to widen their territory.

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