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In the Revolutionary War, the colonists were in rebellion against Britain.

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Q: What countries did the US fight in the Revolutionary War?
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What did the french do to help the us in the american revolutionary war?

They helped us fight, so it was 2 countries vs 1.

What did Juan de Miralles do to help us in the revolutionary war?

By being brave enought to fight in the revolutionary war!

Is the US still in debt to countries that helped fight the revolutionary war?

Partly. We all still have to pay off of what we got and pay taxes normally and some of it still goes toward the revolutionary was

What war did US fight to gain its independence?

The Revolutionary War. The US fought to gain independence from Great Britain.

What second war did the US fight the British?

The US fought the British in the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

What country did the US fight in the Revolutionary War?

great Britain

What countries fought in the US Revolutionary War?

The US, UK and France.

What did the US and Great Britain fight about in the second American Revolutionary war?

There was never a second American Revolutionary War, there was only one.

What county did the us fight during the revolutionary war?

Great Britain

What country did the US fight duting the revolutionary war?

Great Britain

What are the boundary of the US after the Revolutionary War?

They are the countries that flighted for there country

What countries does the US ally with during the revolutionary war?


What country did US fight during the revolutionary way?

During the revolutionary war, United States fought England.

What country did the US fight during the revolutionary war?

The American Revolutionary War was a fight against Great Britain in order to become an independent nation. This was finally successful after many years of armed conflict.

Who did the US fight in the war to win freedom?

Revolutionary If you are talking about the Revolutionary War, then the answer would be the British. (Redcoats, Brits, English, United Kingdomites)

How did the French get involved in the Revolutionary War?

They lent us ships to fight and gave us weapons and considered us independant.

What countries did the US fight during the Vietnam war?

Washington was at war with Hanoi.

Why were France and Spain willing to help the US fight the British in the Revolutionary War?

France joined the Revolutionary War because they heard of the victories at Saratoga. Later Spain joined because they were allies with France.

What two countries made alliances with America and helped us win the Revolutionary War?

France and Spain

What were the northern and southern and western borders of the us after the revolutionary war?

the british hired german to help them fight

What countries did US troops fight in World War 1?


Did George Washington fight in the civil war?

George Washington, being the top commander of American Revolutionary troops, and the first US President, is a great resume in itself. He, however, did not fight in the US Civil War. Washington died in 1799.

What country did the US fight against in the Revolutionary War?

Great Britain. As the name suggests, this war was a revolution against British rule of the American colonies.

What was the effect of the Revolutionary War on the US?

It led to the creation of the US. During the Revolutionary War, the US did not yet exist.

In which war was the U.S.A. caught between France and Britain?

The French Revolution, we couldn't fight for France because we signed a treaty with England, plus we traded with them the most. We couldn't fight for England because France had helped us fight them in the Revolutionary War.