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What countries did the US fight in the Revolutionary War?


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In the Revolutionary War, the colonists were in rebellion against Britain.

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They helped us fight, so it was 2 countries vs 1.

By being brave enought to fight in the revolutionary war!

The US fought the British in the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

They are the countries that flighted for there country

There was never a second American Revolutionary War, there was only one.

The Revolutionary War. The US fought to gain independence from Great Britain.

Partly. We all still have to pay off of what we got and pay taxes normally and some of it still goes toward the revolutionary was

Revolutionary If you are talking about the Revolutionary War, then the answer would be the British. (Redcoats, Brits, English, United Kingdomites)

During the revolutionary war, United States fought England.

The American Revolutionary War was a fight against Great Britain in order to become an independent nation. This was finally successful after many years of armed conflict.

They lent us ships to fight and gave us weapons and considered us independant.

It led to the creation of the US. During the Revolutionary War, the US did not yet exist.

A couple of men who were militias were told to fight in the Revolutionary War. In the US, the militia is entirely voluntary.

France joined the Revolutionary War because they heard of the victories at Saratoga. Later Spain joined because they were allies with France.

Great Britain. As the name suggests, this war was a revolution against British rule of the American colonies.

Some other names for the Revolutionary War were:The War for IndependenceThe American RevolutionThe American Revolution is most often the name used by other countries. They cannot refer to it as the 'US Revolutionary War' because 'The United States of America' did not exist until after the Revolutionary War. But references to "The American Revolution" seems odd to US residents because (to us) "America" refers to "North America", the continent.

George Washington, being the top commander of American Revolutionary troops, and the first US President, is a great resume in itself. He, however, did not fight in the US Civil War. Washington died in 1799.

The Statue of Liberty was given to us after the Revolutionary War. The French gave it to us in 1886.

Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire

The Axis Powers were Japan, Italy, and Germany.

Possibly their "industrial" revolution in the 1860's. But Japan was never a colony like the US was; consequently, who was Japan going to fight to gain independence from? To the general public in America, there was no Japanese Revolutionary War.

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