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What countries fought in the US Revolutionary War?


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The US, UK and France.

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They fought the Revolutionary War

The Revolutionary War, 1775-1783.

The Colonials fought a Revolutionary war against the English, and with the aid of countries such as France, Spain and the Netherlands, they won.

The US fought the British in the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

In the Revolutionary War, the colonists were in rebellion against Britain.

Only the US fought in the American Civil War.

The Revolutionary War. The US fought to gain independence from Great Britain.

If you mean the US civil war, it was not fought between two countries. It was fought between the northern and southern states of the US.

france and spain helped the US the british faught agenst the US

During the revolutionary war, United States fought England.

They are the countries that flighted for there country

Technically The Revolutionary War but if you dont count that then The War of 1812. :) hi

The cold war included no actual combat. It was fought with threats of nuclear warfare. Also fought with "proxy" wars. (Vietnam and Korea) The soviets supported North Korea, and the US supported South Korea. These were wars fought between the two countries through other countries.

the u.s. side fought great Britain and the us won

Washington has fought in the Revolutionary War. He helped us gain freedom from Great Britain.

They fought the Germans, Japanese, and Italy

The first war that involved the US Army was the war of 1812. The Continental Army fought against Britain in the Revolutionary War.

He fought in the as a Colonel in the Continental Army.

That would be the revolutionary war. That was the war in which the U. S. won it's independence from Great Britain.

The reason US fought was because Japan attacked them. Hitler was doing bad tihngs but US was not one of the countries that jumped to the smaller countries protection.

The Mexican War was a territorial war fought entirely between the US and Mexico. No other countries became officially involved.

Spain and the US fought against each other.

This would depend upon which war you are talking about. The US fought against England in two wars, the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, and it fought as an ally of England in two other wars, WW I and WW II.

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