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Contries in Europe.

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Q: What countries got the Black Plague?
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What diseases did you get if you got the black plague?

the black plague

What countries had the black plague?


What was ironic about the plague?

That it was the "Black Plague." Why's it always got to be the black stuff putting the white stuff down.

Why was the black plague also called the bubonic plague?

Because the little black marks or pustules they got were called bubos

How did the black plague stopped?

The black plague got stopped becuase the immunity of a person built up and fought it off

What is the duration of black plague?

The duration of the black plague was the 14th Century where many countries had been affected by this most devastating diseases

Which countries can you get the Black Death in today?

None, the plague has died out.

How did the black plague change things?

After the black plague many of the peasants were killed. This meant that they were in a higher demand so after the plague peasants got more rights because they were fewer.

How did people get infected with the black plague?

people got effected by the blach plague from the rats and te rats from what they ate

What countries were effected by black death?

just England was affected by the plague at the time but as the years went by other countries caught it in other forms. i.e.: the Japanese plague

What happens to the social classes during the black plague?

they got to sick and died

Why is the plague called black plague?

They called it the black death because the plague came from black rats that were infected with the black plague.

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