What countries have a republic government?

The United States, and Australia to name a few

The words "democracy" and "republic" both are not in the Constitution. The U.S. does not have a "democracy form of government" as politicians claim. The founders/framers in May-early June in Virginia decided against a "democracy form", preferring to have real democracy utilized by the people in their means of entity within the free society and also preferring a republican form of government in the definition and meaning they defined and described. To the people, their free countries or States were republics, not the government. The 1787 Convention, which decided against keeping the national government as a union of Legislatures in each State, selected the Virginia Plan of three branches and a republican form of government. Then they specified that the Constitution guarantee a republican form of government on all levels. (Those who want to know what such a form was considered, should read the Resolution sent by the Virginia's ratifying convention with the declaratory and restrictive clauses to the First Congress, and the proceedings of that convention. If they cannot find these two documents, will be please to provide their meaning of a republican form of government)