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What countries have extradition treaties with Thailand?


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US has an extradition treaty with Thailand. The treaty was signed at Washington on December 14, 1983. The treaty is mainly relating to extradition.

Please refer the link in sources for the complete treaty. Hope this helps.


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Every country has no extradition treaties with the.

Only Thailand and China have extradition treaties (not ratified by Cambodia) with Cambodia under the UNTOC and OECD.

According to the Bangkok Nation website:"At present, Thailand has extradition treaties with 14 countries - the US, UK, Canada, China, Belgium, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, South Korea, Bangladesh, Fiji, and Australia."

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I think most developed countries have treaties setup with all other countries. These treaties can be for business, bilateral ties, criminal extradition etc.

The United States and South Korea are currently the only two countries (as of 2013) that have extradition treaties with Japan.

There are more than 100 countries that currently have extradition treaties with the USA. See the related link below for a list of countries.

Yes, the US has extradition treaties with many other countries.

No. It has extradition treaties with most countries in the world.

India maintains extradition treaties with about 30 other countries.

I don't believe that there are any continental South American countries that do not have an extradition agreement with the US.

Pakistan has signed extradition treaty with USA, China and UAE.

THe USA does and I would say almost all the European countries. Maybe some of the Asian countries and Korea wouldn't have treaties.

Rather than list the countries that DON'T have extradition treaties with Canada the link below will list all the countries that DO have extradition treaties with Canada.You may compare this list against all the other nations of the world and make your own list.See below link:

Ireland has extradition treaties with nearly all countries. Most countries have written these treaties with the provision that they will not surrender their own citizens to a foreign country.

No. Mexico has extradition treaties with most countries in the world.

Navada and Colorado are both states, therefore, they do not have treaties with one another. Countries have treaties. All states within the US are subject to extradition within the US.

The purpose of extradition treaties is used by countries and authorities to recover criminals in most cases or individuals from one country and to another to be tried in court or to be extradited to the requesting country.

It appears no. Extradition treaties with Brazil:

There's no such thing you either have an extradition treaty with another country or you don't. You don't have a treaty to say you wont ask for extradition.

all EU states, most other European and North American countries etc

ALL of the European Common Market Countries have extradition treaties with the U.S.

No such treaty exists between UK-Japan. Japan has extradition treaties with two countries, USA and the Republic of Korea (in effect as of 2006).

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