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What countries have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions?

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  • Russia's emissions dropped rapidly in the early 90s due to an economic collapse with the fall of the USSR.
  • France's emissions dropped in the 70s-80s as it switched to nuclear power after the Arab oil embargo.
  • Britain's emissions dropped in the 80s-90s as it switched from coal to gas for economic reasons and because of the miners' strikes as well as to cut smog.
  • No countries have managed to cut emissions as a result of a deliberate policy to combat climate change.

There is also a strong argument that Western countries where emissions have fallen or grown slowly (especially Britain and the US) have really been exporting their emissions with their manufacturing industries to developing countries like China, where emissions have been rising fast.

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Which countries produce the most greenhouse gas emissions?

china and india

what countries produce the most greenhouse gas emissions?

China and India

Which countries produce the most greenhouse gases emissions?

The countries that produce the most greenhouse gas emissions include Belize, Qatar1, Guyana1, Malaysia12, United Arab Emirates1, Kuwait, Australia, and Canada.

What does it mean to cap greenhouse-gas emissions?

To cap means to stop, to put a cap on something. If an industry is producing greenhouse gas, then the government will legislate a cap, meaning it will only be allowed to produce this much greenhouse gas. "Capping greenhouse gas emissions" is the point at which greenhouse gas emissions stop. Each year the cap will be lowered so greenhouse gas emissions will start to decline.

What did the countries that signed the Kyoto Protocol agree to do?

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

What is the name of the treaty in which individual countries agree to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

The Kyoto Protocol.

What are some consequences of the greenhouse gas emissions?

Greenhouse gas emissions cause a destruction of the atmosphere. It is because of these gases that there have been reports of global warming.

Why is the United Nations rewarding countries that slow down deforestation?

because deforestation has increased greenhouse gas emissions

What continent has the highest greenhouse gas emissions?


What was Kyoto protcol?

it was a world agreement on greenhouse gas emissions but some countries like the usa and Australia rufused to sign up

What are some predicted environmental damages if carbon dioxide emissions are not reduced?

Carbon dioxide is a gas most present in the greenhouse gases. If carbon dioxide emissions aren't reduced, they will continue to live on in the atmosphere destroying the ozone layer and resulting in detrimental climate changes.

Which nation is the leader in greenhouse gas emissions?

China has recently overtaken the US in the annual production of greenhouse gas emissions.The US is still the leader in the long-termamounts of pollution emitted.

Which fossil fuel produces no greenhouse gas emissions?

they all do when BURNED

Who is responsible for the highest total annual greenhouse gas emissions?


What do you mean by greenhouse gas emissions?

Emissions means "what comes out", or "what is released".When we talk about greenhouse gas emissions we are usually referring to carbon dioxide, which is emitted when we burn fossil fuels. It can also refer to methane, another greenhouse gas, which is emitted from cattle and from melting tundra.its is emissions from cars , fridges, factory's it goes into the atmosphere and coats things such as tree's and they cut the trees down and then it is less oxygen

What is the UN Paris Climate Agreement of 2015?

The Paris Agreement is an agreement among the countries of the world to reduce levels of greenhouse gas emissions, starting in 2020.195 countries negotiated this agreement, which was adopted on 12 December 2015.193 countries have signed the treaty.105 countries have ratified it. (November 2016)The agreement came into effect on 4 November 2016 when 55 countries, representing at least 55% of greenhouse gas emissions, ratified the agreement.

What energy source generates the least greenhouse gases?

Renewable energy produces practically no greenhouse gases, compared to fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). Hydroelectric power has very little greenhouse gas emissions associated with it. Wind and solar power tend to have low emissions. Geothermal energy also has low emissions. Nuclear power has some greenhouse gas emissions associated with the mining and refining of uranium ore, but not a lot.

Is it true that composting yard waste increases the amount of garbage sent to landfills and increases greenhouse gas emissions?

This is not true. Composting REDUCES the amount of garbage, and can, if done properly, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What is an international treaty designed to lower greenhouse gas emissionsย ?

kyoto protocol

What international agreement attempted to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

Kyoto Protocol

Do solar panels release greenhouse gas?

No. Solar panels produce electricity from the sun without any greenhouse gas emissions. (Their construction and installation is responsible for some emissions, but these are cancelled out by the clean electricity of the first few months.)

Why is the grassland important to the environment?

They act as carbon sink to alleviate greenhouse gas emissions.

Which agreement had a goal of reducing international greenhouse gas emissions?

the Kyoto Protocol ♥

Why don't countries such as the USA want to change their laws regarding greenhouse gas emissions?

The USA signed but did not ratify the Kyoto Protocol which was a legally binding agreement to reduce greenhouse gases. It claimed that to do would damage its economy.

What has the author Geetesh Bhardwaj written?

Geetesh Bhardwaj has written: 'Global greenhouse gas emissions' -- subject(s): Greenhouse gases