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What countries have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions?

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2011-07-01 05:42:52

  • Russia's emissions dropped rapidly in the early 90s due

    to an economic collapse with the fall of the USSR.

  • France's emissions dropped in the 70s-80s as it switched

    to nuclear power after the Arab oil embargo.

  • Britain's emissions dropped in the 80s-90s as it

    switched from coal to gas for economic reasons and because of the

    miners' strikes as well as to cut smog.

  • No countries have managed to cut emissions as a result

    of a deliberate policy to combat climate change.

There is also a strong argument that Western countries where

emissions have fallen or grown slowly (especially Britain and the

US) have really been exporting their emissions with their

manufacturing industries to developing countries like China, where

emissions have been rising fast.

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