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No African countries practice Buddhism as their main religion.


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Buddhism is practiced throughout the world. It is more prevalent in Asian countries.

Buddhism is practice in all of the continents except Antarctica, (unless of course a Buddhist happens to be visiting). Buddhism is most prevalent in Asia and less prevalent in Africa. Buddhism is the fastest growing religion in Europe and North America. So Buddhists are everywhere.

Buddhism is practiced in all countries of the world by people of all ethnicities.

There are no official Buddhist countries, but most countries have people living in those countries which practice Buddhism.

Technically, Buddhism has no deities. However, in various countries where Buddhism is practiced, people have added their own deities and combined them with their practice; this varies by country.

Long list,really! Buddhism is practiced all over the world,enormously in India. Here are the top 5 countries that practice this religion: India Nepal China Thailand and Japan

No. most of Africa is actually Islamic. There is a minority of people in Africa who practice Tribal religions and other religions lke Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism, but the majority is Muslim

Buddhism can be practiced ANYWHERE in the world. It is easier to practice buddhism in the eastern countries however buddhism is now starting to grow in America and other countries over in the west. There is no set place where buddhism should be practiced because it is more of a way of life, not as much a religion.

Around 0.1% of the population, mostly by east Asians who have migrated to South Africa.

Buddhism is the religion. Buddhist practice Buddhism.

India, Ethiopia, Africa, Nigeria, South Africa.

Buddhism is practice on all continents (except for maybe Antarctica, unless a Buddhist happens to be there) and in almost all countries in the world. It is the 4th largest religion and is growing in adherents.

To be a Christian and yet practice Buddhism is impossible, you can only fully practice one or the other.

None of the countries celebrates Buddhism

Buddhists practice Buddhism is the US.

The Vietnamese practice Buddhism

Buddhism is present in almost all the countries of the world.

Between 0.8 to 3.25 percent of people in India practice Buddhism.

Not really. Buddhism has yet to make a firm foothold in much of Africa.

Yes. Buddhism has about 500 million followers throughout the world. Many others incorporate some aspects of Buddhism into their lives even if they follow other religions. In some countries in the western world Buddhism is the fastest growing religion.

they practice it in the confins of a temple

This practice was invented by they Buddhism religion.

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