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What countries in South America play football?

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The following countries play football in South America, these nations participate in the CONMEBOL [World Cup Qualifying] and the Copa Am�Rica.

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Q: What countries in South America play football?
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What Countries play in the socar world cup that live in south America?

The countries from south America are Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico.

What are the names of Latin countries that play Football?

All Latin countries have an international team from Brazil, Uraguay Argentina Chilie Paraguay. They play in the Copa America where the latin or south American countries play each other in a group and knockout round.

What sports does south America play?

football mainly , Brazil, Chile, Uruguay ,Argentina all play good football,

Did the south America play in the World Cup?

South Americans are giants in football, no world cup is complete without Brazil and Argentina.Chile to play.

What countries around the world play football?

Nearly every country plays FutBol (soccer, sounds like football), however, America and Canada are the only countries that play Football professionally (as in the sport with tackling, bla blah)Every country play football in a way or other.

What continent soccer most played?

South America and Europe both have a high amount of soccer being played. But if you count the number of clubs, leagues and countries playing football, Europe tends to play more football.

Do they play American Football in Spanish speaking countries?

They do play American Football in Ireland.

What percent of America play or played football?

79% of Americans play or have played football.

How many countries played football in ancient times and how many countries play football today?

China played an ancient form of football. Then in 1863 the British wrote the rules and invented football. Over 200 countries play Football...and over 90% have football as their #1 sport. Spain and England are the biggest countries for football

What other countries play professional football?

If it is American football it is Canada.

Do women play football in America?

Yes, they can play football when ever they want for free time

True or false do football players in England play the same sport as football players in America and Australia?

Football players in America do not play the same game as football players in England play. The game that America calls football is the game that England calls gridiron. The game the England calls football is the game America calls soccer. acutally i live in England and we refer to Americans football as American football. imaginative i know

Does a south African play basketball?

no they play soccer(Football)

When was the Houston Texans established?

The Houston Texans established in 2002. The Houston Texans is a professional football team in America. They play in the National Football League and is part of the South Division.

What are Iraq's favorite sports and games?

Well, like most Arab countries, Iraqi's love to play football which in America is called Soccer.

How many countries play paintball?

Paintball has spread virtually all around the world. From America, to South America, to Europe, Germany, and there are even fields in Asia.

What country plays more football?

All over the world because all countries play it! Meaning association football (soccer), the prime places that play it as their key code include the British Isles [UK], most of Europe, many African nations, and it has an absolutely huge following throughout South and Central America. Of all the world's different "football" codes, it is by far, the most popular.

What sports do kids play in south west Asia?

sports play in south west asi is football

How many play football players are there in America?


What sport did David Richards play in America?

David Richards played American Football. This game is quite different from the Football played in other countries. It more closely resembles a game called Rugby.

What types of sports do they play in Central America?

It depends on the country, but the vast majority of countries play either football ( soccer) or baseball as their primary sport. For example, in Nicaragua, football is the number one sport, but in Panama the number one sport is baseball.

What countries play handball?

France and America.

What sport does shaughn king play?

Shaughn plays football for south football club

Can you name which countries play soccer?

About 252 countries play soccer. So..yeah..all the European countries and North America.

What sports does South Americans play?

In South America they Play a lot of soccer, volleyball and basketball