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What countries play basketball professionally?


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Basketball is played in most countries professionally. The United States, most of Europe, China, Japan, and most other countries have professional basketball teams.

OJ Simpson may have played basketball, but not professionally. He did play professional football.

In the nba they play for their countries. For ABA basketball they play for their clubs

Not professionally. But he did play basketball, along with baseball, in high school.

There is no height limit. You can be any height and be able to play professionally.

Michael Jordan never played another sport after basketball professionally. But he did do videos on how to play basketball, he mainly taught his son Marcus after retiring. MJ is the god basketball

Basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA league.

Yes, you only need one year of college to be a basketball player. You have to play college basketball before, playing professionally. :)

Basketball Player WoesIf you're actually good enough to play professionally, you need to worry about Brian Scalabrine.

The basketball player professionally dunked the ball.

A basketball player is a person who plays basketball, especially professionally.

they play lots of sport with resources they find just not professionally

Nothing really. Bad on your knees if you play professional but it takes about 15-20 years of playing professionally.

Michael Jordan does not currently play, as he is the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. He does play golf as a hobby on his spare time, but he does not play professionally in any sport.

nearly all of them in Europe and America \Australia

No there are no countries in this world which don't play Basketball but one thing they have is that they don't want to promote it to a higher level.Here in Uganda it can promoted but that's after some people from outside comes into it and promote it.

Well, it has become more popular and people take it more seriously. Before, people who played it professionally always had other jobs. But now people can play basketball for a living.

Technically, if you play basketball at any point you are a basketball player. Since you can play in a driveway or a local court, a college education is not required. If you meant professionally, the answer is no. Your ability to perform well in academia has nothing to do with your ability to play ball. Kobe Bryant is the best example I can think of for an NBA player that didn't go to college.

He played baseball because his brother was encouraging him to play baseball and when he played at UCLA a scout offered to him and he accepted the offer.

He also did baseball and golf but not professionally.

He never played it professionally, but he enjoyed being on the team in high school and to this day, he and his friends get together for a game when his schedule permits.

Professionally , 24 seconds before a holding penalty , and 30 seconds in College play.

Andrew Bogut is a professional basketball player. He currently plays for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA.

no, but in some countries you cant foul out and there are no technical fouls......... the world i wish i lived in......... anyway, in some countries only women play basketball.... as it says in the new movie: Maid of Honor

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