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More than 110 countries play softball, including the United States and Canada. The sport started in Chicago in Thanksgiving Day in 1887.


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110 countries play women and men's softball, i have never heard of a country that only permits women's softball.

Other countries that play softball include China, Australia, and Japan. Softball is played in the Olympics and is very popular in America.

In about every conutry they play softball. The only one that i know that softball is not really played is in the middle east.

pretty much every country that knows about it.

I think cause their wasn't enough countries to play 🇺🇸

You play softball in the spring and in the summer!

You can play softball as long as you like just not a grandma. There is pro softball, so you can play softball as long as you like.

what age do you have to be to play pro softball

You should play softball if it is a sport that you enjoy.

"I like to play softball." how else?haha.

There is professional softball. They play in the United States as well as other countries such as Japan. any player can play for any team, even if they are not from the area. In this aspect, it is just like major league baseball.

No! if she was she couldn't play on the WOMEN'S softball team! No! if she was she couldn't play on the WOMEN'S softball team! No! if she was she couldn't play on the WOMEN'S softball team!

girls or men who play softball

9 people play on the softball field at once

yes,guys can play soccer but, softball is mostly for girls

softball is a really tough sport if you would not want to get hurt i would inform you not to play, if you play you may get hit by a softball alot, and if you want to play... just be prepared

there is softball in a lot of countries--- watch the little league softball world series in the summer

you play on a softball diamond. lol

Not many boys play softball but it is not illegal. im 11 and i almost pitch bbetter softball than baseball. ( i play baseball). so if i could find a league that guys play softball, i would go there definitly. the reason most girls play softball because back ago, girls were not allowed to play baseball so they created softball. it was just a sexus thing to do.

Softball was invented in 1887 but everybody played it. Not until later did mostly women play baseball and men can play softball too.

About 56 million people play softball around the world

softball is a sport u can play.1softball is cool.2 u can play it.3 it is fun

Yes boys can play softball there are even boys softball teams

none all the softball players died

I don't know, but tell your daughters to play softball.

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