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What countries practice aristocracy?

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Aristocracy is a form of government in which power is vested in a minority consisting of those believed to be the best qualified. (Webster's 17th ed) The more common use is that the aristocracy is the class of people who are wealthy and who own the land. In England, Parliament includes a House of Lords, which traditionally included wealthy men who had inherited titles of nobility.

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Could you name all the countries that practice aristocracy?


What countries have a govornment that is still Aristocracy?

The countries that still have Aristocracy as a government are: 1.England.

What countries still operate under aristocracy?

No countries.

Countries ruled by aristocracy?


What countries still have aristocracy?

The UK

Which countries have constitutional aristocracy?

There are many countries that have a constitutional aristocracy. They include the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand and Norway.

Countries that live under aristocracy?


Countries that have an aristocracy government?

In Africa-Morocco and swaziland

Is there any aristocracy in democratic countries?

There is. In European countries there are several rights that the aristocracy still claims despite the Liberal Revolution in the XVIII century, like tax benefits.

Which countries are ruled by anstacracy?

Aristocracy is a form of government where power is in hand of a privileged, small and ruling class. Some of the countries that were ruled by aristocracy are Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, UK and Russia.

What countries have an aristocracy form of government?

a government that doesn't limit your rights

Which countries are run by aristocracy?

Technically, no countries are run by aristocracy. Aristocracy is present in many forms around the world and generally consists of honorific titles and governance over areas of land. However, even aristocrats have bosses and the supreme aristocrats are given supreme honorifics such as King, Caliph, Emperor etc. These countries are considered to be governed by 'Monarchy' not 'Aristocracy'. There are also places like India, the UK and Sweden where aristocratic tradition persists but the country is ruled by democracy.

Which countries are today ruled by an aristocracy?

No country is ruled by its aristocracy. Aristocracy is a social class, not a governmental form. But a short list of monarchial governments include: England Sweden Denmark Norway Lichtenstein Austria Saudi Arabia Morocco

Is aristocracy and bureaucracy different?

In theory, they should not be different, but in practice they are. Aristocracy literally means 'rule of the best'; bureaucracy is a system where rule is done by appointed officials who generally are well-trained in their field (good training is also called 'merit'). In theory, aristocracy should be meritocracy (which means rule by those who are best qualified) as bureaucracy usually is, but in history, aristocracy is associated with rule of the nobility and privileged who earn their position not by ability but by birthright. In some countries too (i.e.) former communist countries) bureaucrats also exploited their positions to attain things they did not earn. But in general, yes, the two are different but they technically should not be.

In what countries do people practice Christianity?

People practice Christianity in all the countries of the world.

Names of Caribbean countries that practice Christianity?

Names of Caribbean countries that practice chritianity

What countries practice yoga?

People in many countries practice yoga. It is not restricted anywhere

What countries in Africa practice Buddhism?

No African countries practice Buddhism as their main religion.

Which countries practice Representative democracy?

Many countries that have democratically elected governments practice representative democracy. Countries like the US, the UK and most of the western countries practice representative democracy.

What countries are with the aristocracy form of government?

i dont knw yet continue to read my books

Which countries practice agnostics?

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What countries practice religion?

Most countries do.

Countries under aristocracy?

Countries that were traditionally under an aristocratic government included England, Scotland, and Ireland. Other countries include Nigeria and India in the past.

What countries practice pantheism?

There are a number of countries that practice pantheism. Some of these countries include India, China, Pakistan, Japan and so many other Asian countries.

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Generally, countries with people practice socialism. However there are countries with people who do not practice socialism. A country without people will never practice socialism as there is no social aspect.