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What countries practice plutocracy?

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What countries have a plutocracy?


What are some example of countries that have plutocracy?


What countries have a Plutocracy form of government?

I'm pretty sure that it's Roman Republic, and Genoa ..:)

How do you use plutocracy in a sentence?

California is much closer to a plutocracy than a grass-roots democracy

Which countries are a plutocracy?

The Philippines is a plutocracy. Recent surveys and studies have shown that the economic climate in the country is governed by about 20 families from the middle of the last century to the present. Considering that about 95% of Filipinos are living below the poverty level, that just proves my point.

Is England a plutocracy?


How does a plutocracy work?

A plutocracy basically runs like this: Rich people run it, poor people don't. They say, they do.

What is plutocracy?

a government ruled by the wealthy

What is a government ruled by the rich?


Who is said to rule in plutocracy?

the wealthy

In what countries do people practice Christianity?

People practice Christianity in all the countries of the world.

Names of Caribbean countries that practice Christianity?

Names of Caribbean countries that practice chritianity

What countries practice yoga?

People in many countries practice yoga. It is not restricted anywhere

What countries in Africa practice Buddhism?

No African countries practice Buddhism as their main religion.

Which countries practice Representative democracy?

Many countries that have democratically elected governments practice representative democracy. Countries like the US, the UK and most of the western countries practice representative democracy.

Which countries practice agnostics?

All countries.

What countries practice religion?

Most countries do.

What is a government composed of the wealthy class?


What do you call a government ruled by landowners?

A Plutocracy .

How do you use the word plutocracy in a sentence?

When you say it's a "rule of the rich", as in the Golden Rule (he who has the gold, rules)."This plutocracy keeps the poor aware of everything...or not."

What countries practice pantheism?

There are a number of countries that practice pantheism. Some of these countries include India, China, Pakistan, Japan and so many other Asian countries.

What counties practice socialism?

Generally, countries with people practice socialism. However there are countries with people who do not practice socialism. A country without people will never practice socialism as there is no social aspect.

Who rules in plutocracy?

A government run and controlled by the wealthy.

What countries practice this form of government or had practice marxism?

cuba and china

Which countries practice christianity today?

Mostly European countries or countries with a history of colonization by European countries.

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