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mostly Africa and Asia

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No. I have been trying to find a specific symbol for the primal indigenous religion, but nothing woukd come up.

Nature worship. Trees , Moon, Sun, etc.

In general terms, the 'Primal Indigenous' religious persons and societies of the world have, in both past and present, worshipped 'power.' While not essentially opposed to 'power' in the modern (economic-political) sense of the term, the 'power' worshipped throughout the ages by indigenous groups has typically been recognizable as 'effective' and 'influential' power in the natural world, both in itself and as it has made an impact on the indigenous peoples themselves.

Well mostly Africa but some countries in South America still practice their beliefs as well.

There are no countries on Antarctica and no permanent population, indigenous or otherwise.

Primal religion refers to the pre-historic, pre- literate religion. There are multiple terms to designate this religion such as; primal, tribal, indigenous, traditional religion. The two most popular terms in the present context are 'primal' and 'traditional'. the former refers to the first account of human religion which is primary and key to the developments of all modern religion. The later also implies the same which is based on the oral tradition that has handed down from generation to generation. This traditional tenets and practices are clearly embeded in the myths, legends, folk tales and songs etc. which are considered in the recent time as the prime bible/ scripture. in some parts of the world, the term 'indigenous' is also used mainly because it is followed by the indigenous/ original settlers. Primal religion in reality is the mother of all religion, and its unique feature is the inter- relationship between Nature- human- divine oneness. In the evolution of Religion, a primal religion refers to the basic act of human being that can be categorized as religious. Primal religions like in Aboriginals project a form of ancient monotheism. Myths and symbols are also an important part of a primal religion.

People practice Christianity in all the countries of the world.

Names of Caribbean countries that practice chritianity

People in many countries practice yoga. It is not restricted anywhere

No African countries practice Buddhism as their main religion.

Many countries that have democratically elected governments practice representative democracy. Countries like the US, the UK and most of the western countries practice representative democracy.

They are caled Indigenous people of course. But if you are thinking of Australian Indigenous people, they are known as Aboriginals but this is just another way of saying Indigenous people and it is also used in other countries.

All of the countries in North and South America eat corn. Corn has been an indigenous crop to the America's and the Indigenous peoples have been cultivating it for thousands of years.

Modern civilization has had little impact on the spiritual lives of indigenous peoples. They continue to practice indigenous religions. There are thousand of people groups who have not been evangelized.

All religions are counted as the indigenous religion in the area where they where started/created. Hinduism is the religion of India and is still in current practice. As such it is deemed the indigenous religion of India. In the same way, Judaism and Christianity are indigenous to Palestine, and Islam is indigenous to the Hejaz. Buddhism might be considered indigenous to Uttar Pradesh, but it is no longer much practised there.

Colonialism had a huge effect on previous colonized countries.

There are a number of countries that practice pantheism. Some of these countries include India, China, Pakistan, Japan and so many other Asian countries.

Generally, countries with people practice socialism. However there are countries with people who do not practice socialism. A country without people will never practice socialism as there is no social aspect.

Many African countries still have their indigenous laws in place. In those countries people can demand that their indigenous laws are used when they are being judged. This is mostly the case in matters of land tenure, guardianship, customary marriages, or succession.

There are a few indigenous language speakers in most of the countries in the Americas.

Primal Kyogre's new attack is Origin Pulse and Primal Groudon's new attack is called Precipice Blades.

Mostly Roman Catholic; some Protestants. The indigenous religion is often incorporated in Catholic practices; and some 1% still practice their indigenous religion.

Some crows are Australian. Others are indigenous to other countries.

The three countries with the largest indigenous Kurdish Populations are Turkey, Iraq, and Iran.

Primal-Indigenous is a religon that has about 300 million followers and is the 7th ranked religon in the world. Not a single organized religion, includes a wide range of traditional or religions, including, and Since African traditional and diasporic religions are counted separately in this list, most of the remaining people counted in this group are in Asia.