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What countries sided with japan in world war?

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Which World War? Japan was on the side of the Triple Entente in WWI and was allied with Britain, France, Russia, etcetera. In WWII, however, they changed sides, allied with Germany and attacked the Allied powers.

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When World War II began, Japan sided with Germany and Italy.

When World War II began, Japan sided with the German Nazis and Italian fascists.

Anyone who was sided with The Axis Powers such as Germany, Japan, and Italy.

The empire of Japan sided with the Axis powers - mainly Germany and Italy.

During World Wr II, Japan sided with the Axis(Germany ,Italy, etc.) and as such, was hostile to the Allies.

If you refer to World War 2, some of the countries included but not limited to Japan and Italy. The rest of the countries that sided with German most likely were those defeated by the Germans during WW2.

They sided with Mars,Jupiter,staurn aand voiii

Whitch countries were involved in world war 2 in addition to America and japan?

Japan sided with Germany and Italy. These three joined forces to make up what was called the Axis.

Japan was on the Axis side, which included Germany and Italy.

Japan went to war with many countries. In the Sino-Japanese war, they went to war with China. Japan invaded Taiwan in 1985. In the Russo-Japanese war, they went to war with Russia. In World War I, they were a part of the Allied Forces and battled against Germany and Russia. In World War II, they sided with the Axis powers, against The US, Britain, France, and other smaller Western European countries.

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Japan did not participate in World War I. It was mostly European countries that did include Germany.

The British Commonwealth countries.

Yes. In fact, Japan was among the first few nations to join the war. The country sided with the Allied Forces.

Japan had conflicts with China and Russia before World War one.

Japan sided with Great Britain and, therefore, France, Russia and Italy, in the First World War (known then as The Great War), and declared war against Germany in 1914.

Countries siding with Germany were called: Axis Powers

japan attacked Ethiopia and china

You got the war wrong..... IT was world war 2

Yes Britain was sided with United States against Japan, Italy, and Germany.

Umm there are no countries in Japan because japan is a country. But japan was a part of the axis powers which included Italy Germany and japan.

Germany & Italy were allied to Japan in WWII.

It sided with Germany and Austria-Hungary