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Great Britain, France, Soviet Union, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Finland, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Italy. There are more.

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Q: What countries were at war in 1940?
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What 2 countries where at war in 1940?

It wasn't just two countries that were at war in 1940. World War II was taking place at this time and it was fought between the Axis and the Allied powers.

What were the political conditions in Europe in 1940 and countries were at war?


How did Germany conquered most of Europe by 1940?

Most countries were not as prepared for war as Germany was.

What nations were at war with the Axis powers in December of 1940?

In December 1940 the countries at war with Germany and Italy were: * Britain and the British Empire and the independent countries of the Commonwealth (except the Irish Free State) which was neutral: # Australia # Canada # New Zealand # South Africa Greece was at war with Italy.

Which countries did Germany invade in World War I and World War 2?

In World War 1 Germany invaded:BelgiumLuxembourgFranceRussian EmpireWorld War 2Countries invaded by Germany during World War 2:Poland (1939)Denmark (1940)Norway (1940)Belgium (1940)The Netherlands (aka Holland) - 1940Luxembourg (1940)France (1940)The Channel Islands (UK dependencies) - 1940Greece (1941)Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia) - 1941.Soviet Union (Russia - part only, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) -1941Egypt (- part only) 1942

When did the countries of denmark and Norway surrender in world war 2?

Norway surrendered on June 10th, 1940.

What 2 countries did Italy invade during world war 2?

South of France in 1940 and Ethiopia

How many countries did Germany control between 1936-1940?

In 1936, Germany only controlled Germany. It invaded Poland in 1939, starting World War 2, and then invaded France in 1940.

What countries were at war in Europe in 1940 during World War 2?

Germany, Italy, France, Britain, and a number of other European nations.

What countries were neutral in World War 2 and remained neutral for the rest of the war?

Countries that remained nominally neutral * Ireland * Portugal * Spain * Sweden (with exception for the Winter War) * SwitzerlandNorway was taken over by Germany in 1940.

How many countries did Germany control by the end of 1940?

Germany controlled 7 countries by the end of 1940.

What are the first three countries in world war 2 in the order they were attacked?

Poland (1September 1939), Denmark, Norway (April, May 1940), holand, Belgium (May 1940).

What countries did Germany occupy in world war 2 in 1940?

in 1940 Germany occupied Denmark Holland Luxembourg Belgium France and Poland and were preparing to invade the soviet union

Describe the course of World War 2 in Europe until the end of 1940?

The course of World War II, leading up to the end of 1940, was an expansion of territory by the country of Germany. Germany was beginning to invade its neighboring countries.

What are the release dates for Gang War - 1940?

Gang War - 1940 was released on: USA: 29 March 1940

When did the phoney war start and end?

Started with the declaration of war on Germany by Britain and France (September 1939). Ended with the invasion of France and the Low Countries (May 1940).

How did word war two start and why?

We have been learning about the war so i know. world war two started 1940 Hitler started it by declaring war on Poland and then lots of other countries got involved

What three countries signed the tripartite pact on this day in 1940 joining forces in World War 2?

The 3-Way Pact was signed on September 27th, 1940 by Germany, Italy, and Japan.

What happend in Germany in 1940?

In 1940, Germany was at war.

How many European countries had the Nazis occupied by 1940?

9 countries *Austria (1938) *Czech Republic (1938 and 1939); Slovakia became German satellite in 1939. *Poland (1939) *Denmark (1940) *Norway (1940) *Luxembourg (1940) *Netherlands (1940) *Belgium (1940) *France (1940) Plus the Channel Islands

In what order did Germany conquer other countries in World War 2?

Austria and the Czech Republic were annexed by Germany before the start of World War 2. During World War 2 Germany occupied countries in this order: # Poland (September 1939) # Denmark (April 1940) # Norway (April 1940) # Netherlands (May 1940) # Belgium (May 1940) # Luxembourg (May 1940) # France (June 1940) # Channel Islands (June 1940) # Yugoslavia (March 1941) # Greece (May 1941) # Soviet Union (from June 1941 onwards - corresponds to all of modern Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia (country) and large part of Russia. # Italy (September 1943, after it changed sides)

What are the release dates for Women in War - 1940?

Women in War - 1940 was released on: USA: 6 June 1940 Portugal: 24 February 1943

What countries had Germany defeated in 1940?

There are a number of countries that Germany had defeated in 1940. Some of them include Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg and France among others.

What are the ratings and certificates for Gang War - 1940?

Gang War - 1940 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved

Did Germany declare war on any country between 1939 and 1945 before invading it?

31 August 1939 Poland declared war on Germany 03 September 1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany 10 May 1940 the Netherlands declared war on Germany 06 April 1941 Germany declared war on Yugoslavia 16 December 1941 Czechoslovakia declared war on Germany 22 June 1942 Germany declared war on the Soviet Union I have found no declarations of war between Germany and the following countries which they invaded: Denmark (invaded April 1940) Norway (invaded April 1940) Belgium (invaded May 1940) Luxemburg (invaded May 1940) Greece (invaded April 1941)