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* Pacific: Japan -vs- United States, Australia, and to a smaller extent New Zealand and Great Britain * Western European: Germany & Italy -vs- Great Britain, United States, Free French, Canada, Belgium * Eastern European: Germany -vs- Russia

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Q: What countries were included in the Pacific theater of operation and in the European theater of operation?
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What European countries colonized the Pacific islands?

Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Spain all had colonies in the Pacific.

What Allied countries fought in both the Pacific and European theaters?

The US and the UK .

What is the duration of Operation Pacific?

The duration of Operation Pacific is 1.85 hours.

Before the European invasion Australia and New Zealand would have been included in the Pacific World?


World war 2 was fought in two Geographic regions called?

The conflict areas were called theaters of operation. The European Theater included the Atlantic Ocean as well as Europe and Africa. The Pacific Theater was the drive against the Japanese.

When was Operation Pacific created?

Operation Pacific was created on 1951-01-27.

What Europe country borders arctic and pacific ocean?

There are no European countries that border the Pacific Ocean (despite what the "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" video game says is true). Greenland, Iceland, Denmark, and Norway all border the Arctic Ocean, and all are European countries.

What countries does the pacific rim touch?

Countries of the Pacific Rim The "Pacific Rim" includes the countries that lie along the Pacific Ocean. Plus, the island countries of the Pacific

Theatres of War in world war?

The Pacific Theater, where the US fought Japan and the European theater the war, the war with European countries in the second world war

Was d day Pacific or European?


Before the European invasion, Australia and New Zealand would have been included in the Pacific World?

Yes, true. Australia would have been included because of its Aboriginal population as well as New Zealand because of its Maori population's Polynesian affinities. But the Europeanization of their countries has engulfed indigenous Australians and Maori New Zealanders, and the regional geography of these two countries today is decidedly not Pacific. source: The World Today, Concepts and Regions in Geography. Fifth edition

What put America in a better position to compete with the countries of Europe?

it because of the alantic and the pacific ocean that seperated the two countries so they could have a better chance to compete with theses european countries

How did Portugal contribute the conquest of the world Oceans?

It was Portugal that discovered the Indic and Pacific Ocean, speaking of course of the European countries.

Why did Japan attack many countries to control and own their resources?

Japan wanted to be like the European countries and control needed resources. They wanted to control the entire Pacific region.

Who was the first European to go gaze across the pacific?

Balboa was the first European to gaze across the pacific ocean.

What states are included in the pacific region?

There are five US states that are included in the Pacific region. They are California, Oregon, Hawaii, Washington, and Alaska.

What were the countries involved in the pacific war?

The pacific war was the part of World War 11 that was fought in the Pacific Ocean, it islands, and in East Asia. The war was fought between the Axis and Allied countries. The axis participants included Japan, Germany, Italy, and Thailand. The allied participants included the United States, The Republic of China, The United Kingdom Australia, the Commonwealth of the Philippines, the Netherlands New Zealand, and Canada. See the related link below for an Article on the Pacific War for more information.

What is the different between the pacific theater and the European theater?

in the European theater we fought the Germans in the pacific theater we fought the Japanese

Who was the first European explorer to find the pacific ocean?

Christopher Columbus was the first European explorer to find the Pacific Ocean.

Was the battle of bulge fought on the European or pacific front?

The pacific front

In 1754 which European nations had direct access to the Pacific Ocean?

No European nation , until 1763 that Russia had direct access to the Pacific.

Who lead the first European expedition to reach the pacific ocean?

Magellan led the first European expedition to reach the Pacific Ocean.

Who lead the first European expedition to reach Pacific Ocean?

Magellan led the first European expedition to reach the Pacific Ocean.

What European countries occupy the same area as the old USSR?

Well Hawaii, Europe, Australia japan New York Nepal and the pacific ocean.

Who did US fight against?

Against Japan in the Pacific theater, and Germany and Italy in the European theater. There were other less minor countries, but these are the main ones.