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What countries were invaded by the Axis Powers in World War 2?


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Germany invaded, Czechoslovakia spelling, Poland, Netherlands, belgium, France, denmark, Norway, Greece, Yugoslavia, the soviet union, great Britain meaning their channel islands jersey and gurnsey i believe those are the names and spelling again, oh Luxembourg, they annexed austria, Romania joined them and so did Bulgaria, Finland too but only against the soviet union, after Italy pulled out they occupied the country, they actually set up a manless weather station in Canada that was only found years after the war, there was a manned weather station in Greenland but that was and still is a part of denmark, north Africa so french Algeria, lybia was already Italian, some of Egypt.

japan invaded china, dutch east indies, british holdings such as hong kong and Singapore, new gunea but not sure if that was actually Australia great Britain or maybe dutch, many American holdings so the phillipeens spelling wake Guam and maybe more

Italy invaded north Africa with rommel and later under rommel, earlier they invaded etheopia, Yugoslavia and Greece

Finland Romania and Bulgaria , the soviet union

ok everyone these are off the top of my head so please correct and add, not sure too much about Bulgaria


Bulgaria was with the axis