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Countries Directly Involved in Committing the Holocaust
  • The Holocaust is the modern day name given to Hitler's attempt to exterminate the Jews in what was termed "the Final Solution". Because this 'solution' emanated from Hitler and his closest staff it can only be concluded that Germany was the country that committed the holocaust. Having said that, the holocaust was pursued by the Nazis in a number of European countries.
  • Most of the extermination camps were located by the Nazis in German-occupied Poland.
  • Romania and the puppet state of Croatia carried out their very own, national holocaust. There were collobroations from most Nazi-occupied countries, such as France and Lithuania.
  • In World War 2 (from about 1942 onwards) the Waffen-SS acquired a kind of foreign legion. Ukrainian, Latvian and Lithuanian SS units played a significant role in holocaust, and Ukrainian SS guards figured prominently in the death camps.
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Q: What countries were involved in committing the Holocaust?
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Countries under Nazi influence were involved in the Holocaust. Some to greater degrees than others.

How many countries were involved in the holocaust?

There wasn't really an exact amount.

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Russia, America, Canada, Sweeden, Austrailia, Africa

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because they were looking after their own people

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It is in basically all of the countries who were involved in the Holocaust (and Israel).

What is the address for the holocaust museum?

Yad VashemThe Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance AuthorityP.O.B. 3477Jerusalem 91034 Israelthough if you want to find one closer to you, there are museums in all countries that were in the Holocaust and many in the US and other countries not involved.

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Yes, there were Mexicans involved in the Holocaust, as well as numerous other nationalities. Also, some Holocaust survivers left Europe, and immigrated to Mexico and other Latin American countries.

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almost all of the countries in Europe. Unless you want your definition to include 'bystanders', then you can include the rest of the modern world

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