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According to the answer to the closely related question linked to the right: The following countries (in chronological order) were occupied by Germany in WW2: Poland (Western half occupied in 1939, Eastern half occupied during invasion of USSR in 1941), Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, France (Vichy France occupied in 1942), Greece, Yugoslavia, western portions of Egypt, Crete, current-day Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, large western portions of Russia, Tunisia and Italy. In addition, Italy (before she changed sides) occupied Albania and Libya. Japan occupied (in no particular order) most of current day Indonesia, myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnamn, Laos, Thailand, The Phillipines, Malaysia, much of Eastern China, Manchuria, Korea (North and South), and many thousands of small Pacific Islands

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What happened in Europe after world war 2?

the allies occupied Germany.

What did Allies win in World War 2?

They pushed the Axis powers (Germany, Japan, Italy) all the way back to their capitals and occupied their countries.

What countries occupied West Germany after World War I?

West Germany, as such, was a creation of WW2, occupied by Britain, France & the US.

What were the countries occupied by Germany in World War 2?

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What countries in Europe were occupied by Germany during World War 1?

The only country was with/occupied ti germany is germany, austria-hungary and italy

What four countries occupied Germany after World War 2?

After World War 2 Germany was occupied by the Soviet Union, the United States, Great Britian, and France

What two countries did US occupy after world war 2?

Germany and France. The part of Germany that they occupied was eventually called West Germany, while the Russians occupied East Germany.

Did Japan have allies in World War 2?

Yes, Japan was allies with the Axis countries, which were Germany and Italy.

Did the Netherlands fight Germany during World War 2?

The Netherlands was one of the countries that made up the Allies of World War II. They fought just as any other occupied country. After Germany occupied the Netherlands, there were some Dutch collaborators, but for the most part, the Germans had to contend with Dutch resistance fighters.

During the second World War what European countries required Jews to wear yellow stars?

Germany and all the countries that Germany had occupied.

Which of these countries fought against the Allies during World War 1?


What countries occupied West Germany after World War 2?

Britain, France and the U.S.

What Scandinavian countries were occupied by Germany during World War 2?

Denmark and Norway.

What country was not occupied by Germany in World War 2?

britain and the neutral countries

What were the two countries that were aligned with Germany?

Austrio-Hungary and Italy were allies of Germany during World War I.

What countries were in West Germany after world war 2?

France, Britain and the United States occupied Germany in the west after World War 2.

What countries made up the allies in World War II?

The main 3 countries in the allies were America, England, and France. However, several countries in the world fought against Germany, Japan, and Italy.

What were the enemy countries during World War 2?

The Allies:AustraliaBelgium (Occupied by Germany from 1940-1945)CanadaChinaCzechoslovakia (Occupied by Germany from 1939-1945)Finland (1945)France (Occupied by Germany from 1940-1945)Greece (Occupied by Germany and Italy 1941-1944)IndiaNorway (Occupied by Germany 1940-1945)Poland (Occupied by Germany 1939-1945)United KingdomUnited StatesSoviet UnionYugoslaviaThe Axis:Finland (From 1939-1945)Vichy France (July 1940-August 1944)GermanyHungaryItalyKorea (Occupied by Japan 1905-1945)JapanRomania

Who occupied Germany in world war 2?

Germany did the occupying. No country occupied Germany.

After world war 2 what allied force was found in germany?

After WW2 all the major Allied countries occupied Germany

Who did the US defeat in world war 2?

US and its allies (Britain and USSR) beat the Axis powers (Germany, Japan, Italy). US not only beat them, but invaded, occupied and rebuilt those countries.

When did Germany get independence?

Germany has never been under colonial rule (though it was occupied by the Allies after World War 2). The key date is that of unification - 1871.

What countries were not occupied by Germany in World War 2 because they were neutral?

I don't know i asked you!:(

Four countries that occupied germany after world war 2?

UK, USA, France, Russia.

What relation ship did Germany have with Muslim countries during World War 2?

they were allies

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