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The Liberty Bell is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States.

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In what city is the liberty bell in?

The Liberty Bell is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Is the Liberty Bell a trademark?

The Liberty Bell is a symbol of American independence. The historic and iconic symbol is located in Philadelphia in the Liberty Bell Pavilion. The bell is owned by the city of Philadelphia but is not a trademark of the city. The name of Liberty Bell is often used commercial reasons.

In what city is the the liberty bell?

The bell is located in Philadelphia.

How does the liberty bell represents thte United States?

the liberty bell represents peace and freedom in the united states after the liberty bell cracked it was named the liberty bell . it hounder our country.

What does the Liberty Bell represent?

The Liberty Bell symbolizes America's freedom from Britain. It was named the Liberty Bell because of the freedom it symbolized to our country.

What city is the home to the Liberty Bell?

The city that is home to the Liberty Bell is known as Philadelphia. The location of the Bell itself is Independence National Historic Park.

What city is a home of Liberty Bell?

Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is home to the Liberty Bell.

In what city what is a liberety bell?

The Liberty Bell is located in Washington D.C.

What city is home of the Liberty Bell?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What city is the home of the Liberty Bell?

United States, Pennsylvania, in the city of Philadelphia.

In what city is the libirty bell located?

The Liberty Bell is located in the city of Philadelphia, PA. This bell became the symbol of freedom and America's independence from England.

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