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What country borders the us?


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Canada to the north and Mexica to the south.


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Canada is the country that borders the North of the US.

No country borders the US to the west. The western border of the US is the Pacific Ocean.

No country borders Illinois, it is entirely within the US

No, Mexico borders the US as well.

Mexico is the only country which borders the US to the south & Canada borders to the North.

The country of Mexico borders the US to the south.

New Mexico contains the name of the country it borders: Mexico.

The name of the state that has the same name as a country that borders the US is New Mexico.

The northern U.S. borders Canada.

Canada borders the north of the US.

Canada shares borders with both Alaska and with the contiguous US.

Mexico is the closest country south of the US, as it borders the US to the south.

There is no country below the US, however Mexico borders it to the south

Canada borders the north, Mexico borders the south.

First of all, South America is a continent, or at least a region of the Americas. It is not a country. Second, of the two, Canada borders the US.

Mexico and Canada both share borders with the US.

Canada if you are from the US and the US if you are from Canada.

Alaska does. It borders Canada but does not touch any other US state.

Texas borders just one country (besides the US), that's Mexico to the southwest.

If you are referring to the southern region of the United States, then Mexico borders the southwestern US.

The country of Mexico (capital: Mexico City).

There is NO country that borders the US AND Canada

mexico on the south, canada on the north.

Mexico borders the US along much of the southwest.

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