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What country do Justin Bieber live in?


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His parents live in Canada but he lives with his grandparents in the United States.

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Justin bieber lives in the country ca...but born in Canada.

Justin Bieber is from Canada.

Justin Bieber live in Georgia

Justin Bieber is from the country Canada.

he lives in Canada in San Ontario .

Justin Bieber live with his mom only

No, Justin Bieber is not country. He is pop, R&B, and some rap.

You go to one of his concerts when he is in your country.

Justin Bieber currently lives with his mother.

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Justin is from Canada.

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is Justin bieber always going to live in Gorgeia

Justin Bieber lives in the state of Georgia.

Justin Bieber lives in: Atlanta, Georgia!

Justin Bieber lived in Ontario, Canada.

Justin Bieber lives at the Playboy Mansion

Well Justin Bieber was born in Canada and lived there for most of his life, but he has a home in Georgia that's he's calling his "real home."

Justin Bieber lives in Atlanta, Georgia. And it is 100% a fact, that Justin Bieber is the hottest boy on earth.

Justin Bieber has always wanted to live in Hawaii and go surfing with his fans

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Justin bieber doesn't live in California. he lives in stratford, Ontario, Canada.

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