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Mainly China- Hong Kong

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What country do cherries originally come from?


What country did cherries come from first?

it originates from turkey

Do cherries come in a bunch?

yes, actually cherries do come in a bunch but most will be sour!

Where do cherrys come from in the world?

where to cherries come from ?

What country has the best cherries?

Allegedly Turkish Cherries are the sweetest and most tasty - something to do with climate &c.

What part of China do cherries come from?

cherrys dont come from china IDIOT!!!

Where do marachino cherries come from?

Mexico, marachino means Mexican

Where do maraschino cherries come from?

Marasca cherries are a small bitter Italian cherry used to make the liqueur "Maraschino". This liqueur was in turn used to flavor other cherries for decorative effect in cooking and drinks. Today, however, the "maraschino" cherries are produced in a number of locations from local cherries soaked in food coloring and sugar instead of by the original recipe. The cherries themselves are not Marasca cherries but any of a number of light fleshed sweet cherries

What is Michigan's main crop?

The main crop of Michigan is cherries. More than 70 per cent of the tart cherries and 20 per cent of the sweet cherries grown in the US come from Michigan..

Where do cherries come from?

Cherries come from a cherry tree. There are many different cherry tree varieties. If you want to grow a cherry tree, get the seed out and put it in the dirt and put water on it every day.

Where does name morello come from?

Regarding people, cherries, or the crime family?

Which country do cherries come from?

China/hong kongWisconsin and Michigan are known for their cherry production. The finger of land sticking out into Lake Michigan in Wisconsin is Door County and has Cherry Festivals every year. Wisconsin is noted for their sour red cherries.Michigan is another state renowned for Cherries. Ripe Bing cherries are noted there for their production.The temperate waters of Lake Michigan provide the perfect growing conditions for both types.

What is the collective noun for cherries?

The collective nouns for cherries are:a cluster of cherriesa bowl of cherries

Are red cherries and black cherries much different?

Yes, Red cherries usually refer to sour cherries or pie cherries, and black cherries, or dark cherries are the sweeter eating kind.

What is the scientific name for yellow cherries?

Yellow cherries are also called Rainier cherries. Rainier cherries are a variety of cherries with the scientific name Prunus avium or sweet cherries.

Where in the world do cherries come from?

they grow on trees on every continent except Antarctica

Do cherries come from cherry blosssom trees?

no cherry grow on different trees.

Where do pumpkin seeds come from?

Pumpkin seeds come from a Pumpkin, just like strawberry seeds come from a strawberry, and cherry pits come from cherries.

Where dowe find the cherries in barnyard?

Where do we find the cherries? Well, we can find them in Beady Farm, just where the yellow flowers, (Treasure Bells) are, you walk up to the tree, and kick it! Hi-ya! Then all the cherries will come toppleing down to your lesure.

What are some types of cherry trees?

There are a lot of cherrytrees. They come under the Latin name of Prunus .You can have eating cherries or flowering cherries in varieties too many to list.

Are sour cherries the same as currants?

No. Currants are raisins. Cherries are cherries.

What is the plural possessive noun of cherries?

Cherries is the plural form of cherry. The plural possessive is cherries'.

Does Michigan grow cherries?

yes ,they grow sweet cherries and sour cherries

How did you climb up a cherry tree where you saw cherries you did not eat cherries or leave cherries how is this possible?

i climbed a tree and it only had 2 cherries, you only picked a cherry, not two cherries

How big are cherries?

cherries are not very big in fact most cherries are pretty small.

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