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What country do the 40 degrees North line of Latitude and 20 degrees East line of Longitude pass through?

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The point 40 North / 20 East is located in southern Albania, about 8 miles north of the city center of Sarandë.

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The equator is defined as the origin of latitude, i.e. zero degrees north/south. It passes through every longitude.

Through referring at a Globe.

Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay are the four South American countries through which the 20 degree south line of latitude passes. The 20 degree south line of latitude is 20 degrees south of the equator. It's called the 20th parallel south.One, it passes through Chile at 20 degrees South latitude and 70 degrees 7 minutes West longitude.Two, it passes through Boliva twice, at 20 degrees South latitude and 68 degrees 33 minutes West longitude; and at 20 degrees South latitude and 58 degrees 10 minuts West longitude.Three, it passes through Paraguay at 20 degrees South latitude and 61 degrees 53 minutes West longitude.Four, it passes through Brazil at 20 degrees South latitude and 57 degrees 52 minutes West longitude.

Latitude = 24.6880, Longitude = 46.7224 Lat = 24 degrees, 41.3 minutes NorthLong = 46 degrees, 43.3 minutes East

London is at the latitude of 51 degrees North and 0 degrees east/west runs through the London Borough of Greenwich.

The equator is defined as the origin of latitude, i.e. zero degrees north/south. It passes through every longitude.

Nowhere! Latitude only goes from 90N down through zero and the up again to 90S.

Every longitude line runs through the North pole.

The equator by definition is at 0 degrees of latitude. Longitude runs north-south so all lines of longitudes pass through the equator.

They are lines of longitude, not latitude, but 60° East longitude is approximately correct for the 1600-mile long range.

The Prime Meridian - 0 degrees longitude - runs through the London suburb of Greenwich.

40 degrees North intersects with 20 degrees East in Albania. It is about 20 miles from the Albanian border with Greece.

You might be going for this: most locations on earth can be described with one of these:degrees N latitude degrees W longitudedegrees N latitude degrees E longitudedegrees S latitude degrees W longitudedegrees S latitude degrees E longitudeLatitude N extends from the equator at 0 degrees to the north pole at 90 degrees N.Latitude S extends from the equator to the south pole at 90 degrees S.Longitude W extends from the Prime Meridian, 0 degrees, west (toward the Americas) to the International Date Line at 180 degrees.Longitude E extends from the Prime Meridian east (toward Asia) to the IDL.The words latitude and longitude are not always used, since the directions sufficiently qualify the measures. You don't need the word degrees either, as long as everyone using the system knows the system being used.Exceptions to 1 through 4 would be if you are at the equator, which is neither north nor south, the Prime Meridian or zero degrees longitude which is neither east nor west, and the International Date Line or 180 degrees longitude which is neither east nor west. Wherever you are, with the exception of the poles, you would need a measure of latitude and longitude to specify your exact location.

Most of the Antarctic continent is within the the Antarctic Circle which is at 66 degrees 32 minutes S latitude. All lines of longitude pass through Antarctica. The South Pole is at 90 degrees S latitude. Should it become necessary to provide a longitude, it usually given as 0 degees W longitude.

13 degrees 3 minutes north, 80 degrees 15 minutes east

The maximum value for latitude is 90, and latitude is measured north or south, so "100 east latitude" is impossible for two reasons. 120 East Longitude passes through the Philippine Islands, among other locations.

Canada is huge, it runs through many lines of latitude and longitude.

No, that's latitude. Longitude is measured in degrees east or west of the "Prime Meridian", which passes through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England.

That point is located in the Gulf of Guinea off the west coast of Africa.

Because all meridians of longitude converge at the north and south poles. So the distance between any pair of them depends on your position north or south of the equator, i.e. your latitude.

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