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Q: What country does maize come from?
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What spanish speaking country does maize come from?

I'm pretty sure maize is native to the United States, grown by the Indians in the southeast

Which country in the world is the largest producer of maize?

The largest Maize producing country in the world is United States of America. aman singh

Which country produces most maize?


What do kenyans call corn in their country?


What country eats the most maize?


Which country is the biggest producer of maize?

The United States is by far the biggest producer of maize (corn).

When did maize come to south Africa?

after 1652 when Jan Van Riebeeck asked for maize seed

What product counts for half of the country tanznia's exports?

the maize

How did maize come to Africa?

after 1500 via the voyages of discovery

Where does maize grow?

Maize (corn) is grown in nearly every country of the western hemisphere, and many countries all over the world.

What is the life cycle of a maize?

Maize Maize Maize

Which country grows maize?

Nearly every country in the western hemisphere grows some maize, or corn as it's called in the US, as well as many countries in the rest of the world. The US leads the world in maize production, planting nearly 90 million acres every year.

When did maize come to Africa?

after 1500 from meso america and via the voyages of discovery

What is maizeflower?

Maize flour is basically flour made from maize maize is a crop and wotsits are made from maize :)

Which country produces the most maize?

The United States produces the most maize or corn in the world. On average, the American farmer grows 333,010,910 tons of corn annually.

What country was Johannes Gutenburg?

Johannes Gutenberg was from Germany.

Where maize is grown?

maize is grown in the US and 99% of maize is grown there

What is a maize?

Maize is a type of corn.

Is maize wheat?

No maize is corn

Is a maize a dicotyledon?

no maize is a monocot

How did maize come to South Africa?

Jan Van Riebeeck requisitioned it for the VOC after 1652

Where does the word maize come from?

; 1555, from Cuban Sp. maiz, from Arawakan (Haiti) mahiz.

Does maize come from Mexico?

Yes. It was first "domesticated" there over 3,000 years ago.

What is the difference between maize starch and maize flour?

Maize flour is made from maize starch. The starch is the ingredient, the flour is the product.

What do American's call maize?

Isn't maize corn? Maize.. I really sont know ^.^